by Melissa Karnaze

PARLODEL FOR SALE, Last week I quoted Chris Rock on his assessment of Bush’s administration having contributed to the President Elect’s Tuesday victory.

This week I’ll quote Rock again, from his September interview with Larry King, which can be viewed on YouTube, PARLODEL from canada. In the segment of the interview, King asks Rock what he thinks Obama should square away on his first day in office, PARLODEL interactions, and Rock replies:

“I don’t know…I’m sure he’ll check to see if we really have UFOs. That’s what I would do, that’s the first thing I would do.”

Coming from a comedian’s mouth, it’s a little less credible as his honest opinion—or is it, purchase PARLODEL online.

Stephen Bassett, Executive Director of the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon Political Action Committee, Doses PARLODEL work, showed that footage in his presentation, “Exopolitics 1947 and 2009,” given at the 6th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas Nevada, this past weekend, buy cheap PARLODEL. Rock’s words fit in perfectly with Bassett’s message to an audience of two-hundred something UFO enthusiasts and researchers: Obama could be the UFO Disclosure President, PARLODEL FOR SALE.

Disclosure of what, and by whom. PARLODEL reviews, You may be asking.

Disclosure of U.S. government records, reports, canada, mexico, india, and research into the UFO phenomena over the past several decades—governmental acknowledgment that UFOs exist, which at present, PARLODEL overnight, the American public does not have.

So why Obama? PARLODEL FOR SALE, One of the points Bassett makes about the Democrat’s White House team is that his current Transition Chief, John Podesta, is all for UFO disclosure. And he’s openly talked about it to the press. Notice in this video the SciFi logo in the lower right. Bassett also drew our attention to the fact that SciFi channel funded the Coalition for Freedom of Information, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and Podesta is their spokesman.

But back to the presentation

Bassett’s optimism was infectious all throughout; his electrifying talk met with an audience full of laughter and culminated to resounding applause and a standing ovation. Just by listening to him, you can tell that Bassett is not only excited about what he has discovered about Obama’s potential for disclosure, he’s doing something about it, PARLODEL FOR SALE. PARLODEL alternatives, In October of 2008 he launched the Million Fax on Washington project, a world-wide effort to bombard Obama’s transitional office with letters urging and perhaps even demanding disclosure during his presidency. The logic behind this effort holds mainly by these three points: Obama is presumably innocent on the issue, so a debriefing would protect his credibility (i.e., purchase PARLODEL, he wasn’t keeping it a secret during the campaign), Obama already has a disclosure-seeking team, What is PARLODEL, and the beginning of his term will be the best time for a disclosure announcement, because the longer you wait, the more room for diversion and the harder it is to come out with such news (that shouldn’t be withheld any longer than need be).

Bassett believes that one million letters will be sufficient to prompt this already historical figure to make world history once more by opening up the issue of governmental UFO acknowledgment to the public, order PARLODEL from mexican pharmacy. (On the Facebook group for Million Fax, you'll find links to related articles from Wired and the Sarasota, Where can i find PARLODEL online, FL Herald Tribune.)

Now, not every UFO researcher holds this same level of optimism, let alone conviction.

Skepticism at the conference ranged from one presenter who doesn’t believe the government could know about such secrets and keep them hidden from the public, to two co-speakers who through their Project Camelot, PARLODEL long term, interviewed a man (who keeps his identity anonymous) who says the government already has been working with extra-terrestrial intelligence and even has underground tunnels and “jumprooms” that transport from the Earth to Mars within seconds. PARLODEL FOR SALE, Another speaker at the conference, Researcher, Historian, Author, and Lecturer Richard Dolan , said that while he and Bassett are allies in their work, he has politely disagreed with his disclosure time line over the years, anticipating a longer lapse to the inevitable that they both await. With a smile, PARLODEL class, he said to me and my mother at his booth in the conference room, that he’s not quite as optimistic as his good friend.

Dolan was great to talk to, very humble, PARLODEL australia, uk, us, usa, down-to-Earth, polite, Low dose PARLODEL, and even apologetic that his first book which he sold to us was probably not perfect (if ever a book was perfect). During his presentation given the day before, there were several minutes during his talk where obnoxious pop music boomed from the next room, causing some unrest in the attentive audience, where to buy PARLODEL. I was agitated to say the least, but Dolan’s way of handling it was to say to us, Buy PARLODEL online no prescription, it sounds like someone is having a party next door—but we’re going to have more fun than they are.

It’s that kind of resilience that I can’t help but notice as critical to the research he and Bassett work so hard at, PARLODEL FOR SALE.

During our drive from Southern California up I-215 to Las Vegas, we were listening to a Coast to Coast AM streamlink of the November 7th George Noory interview with Bassett, also about UFO Disclosure, purchase PARLODEL online no prescription. As is customary with each Coast to Coast interview, the last hour was open lines for callers to ask questions, Real brand PARLODEL online, and one caller slipped in a veiled attack on the guest.

The caller said he had already had his personal disclosure on the UFO phenomena, both through research and experience. So what was the big deal for Bassett, PARLODEL online cod. PARLODEL FOR SALE, Did he need government acknowledgment so that he could finally believe in extra-terrestrial life himself.

As I listened intently to trace Bassett’s response, without an instant of delay he replied that, Online buying PARLODEL hcl, no he had not seen aliens, and no that was not what he was talking about. He was talking disclosure with a capital D instead of a lower case one. And without any extra energy spent to defend or respond to what the caller was trying to pry into, PARLODEL photos, he zipped away, optimistic as ever, as to what a disclosure with a capital D would entail for not only the individual, but for societies at large.

It’s that kind of focus which does not let one get caught up in negative statements of others.

It’s that kind of drive that allows one to stick to the cause and use anything negative in their surroundings, as a path to further build the case, PARLODEL FOR SALE. When loud music in another room is a reminder that you are having more fun than the party next door is…that’s going to get you somewhere, and I think these two men have a long road of research ahead of them.

But what about this disclosure with a capital D?

It’s probable that a public statement wouldn’t mean that all the secrets would be divulged—after all, the government has had and still has to consider this as a national security issue. Even so, something would be better than nothing, and hiding the truth damages the government’s credibility, especially if in the defense that the public can’t handle the truth.

No matter what the rate or degree of disclosure will be, it is likely that alien technology could solve or come close to replacing our outdated energy and transportation culture, just at the on start. PARLODEL FOR SALE, And that technology can only be used openly if either someone invents it, or we know where it came from.

But without speculating too much on what UFO technologies could do for us, let us remember that even with a new set of tools, the human race is still the human race. There will still be those with more power in our world, and those with less. Allocation of resources will continue to be a web of complexity to balance, and we will still have yet to civilize ourselves as a species.

Following the passion of these two researchers, though, I'm sticking to my faith in people.

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Raj November 11, 2008 at 4:31 pm

This is a thoughtful response. Just a few points I’d like to make.

Disclosure is inevitable. Countries like France and Britain have tax-payer funded branches that investigate and have been declassifying incidents over the last few years. It’s only natural that there will be more pressure on the United States to release files (the 1999 French COMETA report was the first international attempt to publicly pressure the United States).

However we must also be careful in the way that we approach the matter. If everyone sends letters to Obama stating “disclose ET technology”, it almost certainly will not be read, unless millions of people from the United States specifically send letters with such content. Since that is not likely to happen, the 10 thousands letters that DO come in should contain points that have been seriously researched, paying particular attention to recent cases that posed air hazards (near misses, the O’hare incident, and how ignoring the phenomenon is like ignoring a potential terrorist attack). This is what people need to do.

Final point, UFO behaviour point to possibilities in physics that have never been thought possible before (with the exception of the work of Dr. Bernard Haish). This in itself poses a national security risk. Being able to zip around at 10s of thousands of miles per hour makes for a good nuclear weapons delivery system. But the humanitarian benefits are equally large: imagine if one can transport large amounts of aid to earthquake victims, quickly reducing the number of dead many fold. The climate change crisis too can possibly be deterred if the underlying physical phenomena that drive UFOs point to clean energy sources.

Such technologies are equally beneficial as they are dangerous. This is something that may govern whether or not UFO data will be disclosed, assuming Obama could be persuaded to take the matter seriously…which is another important milestone that needs to be achieved.

Melissa Karnaze March 5, 2009 at 5:25 pm

@Raj – Thank for the well-thought out comment!

I agree that the level of disclosure is a very delicate matter. Obviously, the government cannot disclose everything, and to what extent it can or should — that’s very debatable.

As is the story in science, we need to develop our maturity along with our technology.

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