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by Melissa Karnaze

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Are you looking for more reading material and online discourse than the weekly articles here provide? To expand your exploration of how “emotions are intelligent“?

Twitter is a great place to find it

Well, if you aren’t already using Twitter to communicate with friends, bloggers, or just people interested in web browsing the same topics as you, here’s one good reason to join Twitter today:

    The Mindful Construct (@mindfulconstrct) feed shares links and 140-character comments, called tweets, that add to your experience with all of the articles here.

If you’re not sure about Twitter…

Sure, maybe you don’t like the nature of online discussions, or you are worried about losing privacy and solitude when putting more of yourself “out there” on the web.

But if all you do is sign up for a Twitter account and follow @mindfulconstrct… you can simply view the feed (and subscribe to it too), without having to make your personal information public on the web.

Twitter might even grow on you

Although, for an optimal Twitter experience, it’s best to keep a two-way communication channel going. Meaning, sharing what you are comfortable with, and learning from that process.

This is because Twitter is an exciting part of the global social nervous system that is rapidly changing the world.

Twitter is about real-time public communication, seeing what people are buzzing about around the globe, and sharing those goodies you find on the web.

How I use Twitter

I so enjoy sharing goodies I come across on the web, via Twitter. (In addition to sharing nuggets of gold on Twine.)

I also use Twitter to “bookmark” media that I find meaningful and want to refer back to later on. Being able to organize media on a social platform brings the conversation out to you guys.

It also keeps me sane, since a big part of writing at Mindful Construct is about synthesizing media and understanding different viewpoints (constructs).

What my Twitter feeds looks like…

Most of my tweets are about the intelligence of emotions, and my feed looks something like the right column below on a given day:

@mindfulconstrct Twitter feed_110309What links to notice in the feed:

    1. Articles on other websites that cover topics that I’m planning to write about in the future
    1. Articles on other other websites where I’ve left a comment
    1. Articles that expand upon the topics written about here
    1. Quotes or sayings by other Twitter users that I find worth sharing
    1. Other projects I have collaborated on, such as picking the brains of a prominent AI researcher on the topic of emotion ;)
    1. This isn’t a note about a link, but something to notice: the username is Mindful Construct without the last “u” … mindfulconstrct (It’s this way due to the username character limit, and it has tripped people out before!)

More Twitter goodness

In addition to all these goodies, I may post links to events I plan to attend (which are usually Mindful Construct related), and/or tweet or write articles about while I’m there at the event, or after I return home. A mouthful, yes — Twitter pops up in this article 23 times (!) and has definitely complicated and simplified my life.

I sometimes talk about what books I’m reading, what studies I can’t wait to get my eyes on, or what songs I have playing nonstop.

I’ve used Twitter to provide site updates that aren’t ideal for full-length articles.

And I tweet when most articles are published here, so that followers can get updates while they are on Twitter, as well as through RSS or their email (which has the biggest lag-time).

But it would be silly for me to tweet this article to people who are already following about how they can start to follow — for more Mindful Construct goodness. So, I’ll let you guys tweet this article to your Twitter friends! (Yep, that about tied my tongue!)

Viewing the @mindfulconstrct feed is a great way to see more of what’s behind the scenes at Mindful Construct, and it’s a great way to send me your questions, feedback, and ideas in general.

I hope to see you on Twitter

I love to hear from you guys. Comments left here are not only precious to me and the community, but so important for future articles. And Twitter is just another way to open up to more comments, as well as offer many of my own — within 140-character limits, of course!

So if you decide to follow @mindfulconstrct, send me a hello message!

Also, there are tons of guides out there on the Twitter culture, but here is one that should get you started in no time.

Happy reading and tweeting!

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