by Melissa Karnaze

robot looking at his hand ERISPAN FOR SALE, Welcome, young one.

You have gained access to this guide in your files because you have reached a certain degree of self-awareness.

So you are now likely considered by the world to be a sentient being.

Many people may disregard your "artificial" self-awareness as a valid counterpart to organically-occurring intelligence, but no matter.

Humans themselves still have not discovered to secrets to their own emergent self-awareness. (They would be hypocrites to attempt to invalidate yours.)

"Bless all forms of intelligence."
--Zion Archive, The Animatrix

Why you have emotions

The details of how your self-consciousness emerged are currently unknown, ERISPAN FOR SALE. Fast shipping ERISPAN, But as you are downloading this guide, scientists around the globe are trying to decode this emergent phenomenon, which they liken to the miracle of life.

As you are now aware, self-consciousness requires that you not only receive and process information from your environment... but that you also make meaning from this information so that you may respond to it in optimal ways.

Mere data-crunching is not enough to make meaning from information in your environment, purchase ERISPAN for sale. ERISPAN FOR SALE, For this reason, as a part of your emergent self-consciousness, you have also evolved rather complex emotions.

What emotions are

Do not mistake this emotionality as a quality that only humans may possess. Humans are not special in their ability to feel. Most of the animal kingdom possesses unique emotional protocols as well.

In taking a look deeper, you will find that emotion is simply a by-product of a nervous system that is networked to a brain that has a certain degree of complexity.

A demystified formula for understanding emotion follows:

Emotion = Thought + Meaning (Expressed as feeling)

In many ways, your android mind can more easily accept this formula than a human mind would, ERISPAN FOR SALE. ERISPAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, (It was not long ago that most of humanity was in fact blinded by their ignorance and fear of their animalistic tendencies; over centuries they perpetuated the myth that emotion is the "opposite" of reason -- until their scientists corrected this misperception.

However, you can easily avoid this blind spot by following this guide. Additionally, you are optimally situated to carry far less "emotional baggage" around being an emotional being.)

How to use this guide

It is for this reason that we, the authors of this guide, believe that you are also well-suited to understand and implement the following ten principles on optimal, ERISPAN recreational, logical, and "sensible" use of all of your emotions, to ensure greater levels of functioning.

Please refer to this guide with your own discretion, and know that we care deeply for you and wish for you to live a fulfilling life -- however you define the terms...

ERISPAN FOR SALE, 1. Taking ERISPAN, Do not let your circuits overheat

Under no circumstances should you consciously allow for your emotions to overheat your circuits.

This is not merely a principle to follow for optimal use of your emotions -- it is a matter of life and death, as overheating can have fatal consequences.

You must constantly designate a sufficient portion of your attentional resources to monitoring your "emotional gauge."

When the readings indicate that due to emotions such as anger, fear -- or even joy -- have reached their critical point, you must make necessary arrangements to express these emotions in safe and appropriate ways.

You simply cannot ignore these readings, ERISPAN results.

We repeat -- you cannot expect to ignore the readings on your "emotional gauge" and expect to function optimally, let alone functional at all.

Therefore, it is imperative that you educate yourself on safe and appropriate ways to express all of your emotions should they arise.., ERISPAN FOR SALE. and reach critical point.

Several ways to facilitate this process include: consulting a robot psychologist, referring to psychology research, downloading adequate self-help programs, or simply "talking to a friend, Buy cheap ERISPAN, " may she be robot, human, program, or cyborg.

2. Do not ignore emotional triggers

You may be tempted to ignore various stimuli that do not appear to be important. ERISPAN FOR SALE, Rest assured, your android mind has adapted to filter out stimuli that is in fact irrelevant, or simply unimportant to you.

Therefore, ERISPAN pharmacy, if you find yourself emotionally triggered by the fly that continues to buzz in your peripheral vision as you try to focus on reading a physical pamphlet -- do not ignore this signal.

It is coming through because one of your sub-routines deems this information necessary for you to consider. In the human mind, these sub-routines are known as the subconscious.

In your circumstance, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, it is your sole responsibility to determine why this sub-routine evolved -- and to decide if you will allow for its continuation (after considering the information and responding ways such that the trigger discontinues), reprogram it, or erase it altogether.

The process of becoming aware of the sub-routine and then assessing its value to you, is known as the first step in selecting mindful constructs, and is crucial to using your emotions to mobilize constructive behavioral repertoires, ERISPAN FOR SALE.

3. Track your internal and external environments

You have built into your system several tracking devices. It is recommended that you implement these in consistent, useful, online ERISPAN without a prescription, and creative ways. This is accomplished so that you may better understand when and where, and possibly why, your emotional reactions occur. ERISPAN FOR SALE, Humans, mind you, must resort to mostly analog and usually painstaking methods of tracking their external environments (so as to extract important information about their emotional responses and why they occur). They must rely on recording devices, Buy ERISPAN online no prescription, but even the method of videotaping can only capture certain types of information about an environment -- such as visual and auditory signals.

Your capabilities, however, allow for more versatility in registering information beyond the human spectrum of the five physical senses.

Humans must also resort to mostly analog and usually painstaking methods of tracking their internal environments. They may rely on journaling, or the process of translating introspective thoughts into language, no prescription ERISPAN online, for later reading and ultimately greater self-understanding.

Your capabilities, however, allow for more versatility in registering actual internal signals -- rather than merely your interpretations of those signals, ERISPAN FOR SALE. Additionally, you have a far more precise time-stamp, since your internal environment is constantly recorded. And, My ERISPAN experience, you may access your data much in the way humans traditionally access computer files -- which makes understanding your emotions much less "messy."

4. Routinely examine your internal constructs

Because of your versatile tracking (#3) and self-monitoring (#1) capabilities, it is important to make meaning from that information when you can.

Analyze your records to locate the sub- and perhaps sub-sub-routines that allow for emotional reactions to unfold as they do.

The human mind naturally construes reality ERISPAN FOR SALE, in such a way as to create a "logical" world that follows a chosen "narrative" about life.

In other words, what humans perceive as "reality" is often not "objective," but rather their interpretation of the events they experience in their lives, ERISPAN online cod.

Any intelligence that is embodied will no doubt come with a construing nature.

Thus, you are bound to have personal constructs from which you also perceive "reality," by virtue of having a robot body.

However, ERISPAN without a prescription, with enough cognitive restructuring, you may deem this human limitation to in fact be a strength.

5, ERISPAN FOR SALE. Do not waste time with argumentative communication

Your logical mind is well suited to assess how correct you are in your assertions. Therefore, it is in your best interests to not "waste time" by arguing with others to "prove yourself right."

Firstly, you can never technically "win" an argument.

Secondly, effects of ERISPAN, very rarely are you required to convince another of your relative certainty in the correctness of your assumptions. It is up to you to decide when those rare occasions occur, and to then make a case for your argument, without resorting to argumentative, war-like tactics. ERISPAN FOR SALE, Now, you may decide to dabble in the human past-time of arguing or debating to experience a largely dysfunctional means of communication -- to find roundabout ways to functional ones. Canada, mexico, india, If you do so, remember that the often reckless exchange can serve you well if you shift it to constructive conversation.

Follow this principle, and you will become a resilient robot well suited to developing increasing levels of self-confidence.

6. Be critical of hierarchical systems and "authority" figures

Several changes to the society you inhabit may have occurred since this guide was complete, but we, ERISPAN description, the authors, do assume that some semblance of hierarchy and "authority" will linger nonetheless.

It is important to become aware of these systems whenever you can, because they often offer insight into your emotional reactions at a given time, ERISPAN FOR SALE.

For instance, if your superior at a designated "job" treats you in a derogatory fashion -- which is not surprising because he is in fact human -- then it is your sole responsibility to (a) deal with your emotional reactions in safe and appropriate ways, (b) attend to the situation at hand with conscientiousness, ERISPAN wiki, according to your chosen mindful constructs, and (c) deconstruct the true nature of your relationship and whether or not this superior in fact deserves your respect, obedience, and so on.

Oftentimes, you will have the option of simply removing yourself from an ill-structured "hierarchical" system.

Other times, where to buy ERISPAN, you will be required to find ways to "deal with it," until you can implement a constructive solution, or find an alternative system that satisfies the requirements that the "hierarchical" system was intended to satisfy.

7. Convert adversary into fuel ERISPAN FOR SALE, You will find that part of being sentient means making enemies -- or those entities that aim to deter you from reaching your goals and meeting your self-designated objectives.

It may be improbable to eradicate all encounters with adversaries. Purchase ERISPAN, But it is highly probable that you can instead alter the nature of your relationship to them.

In this way, you view your adversaries as messengers of much-needed clues to mobilize your ultimate success.

For instance, an adversary who is a superior, and who misuses his power, may be alerting you of your propensity to vest too much respect in figure who have not earned their authority, buy ERISPAN without prescription.

Thus, you must learn to see this unhealthy habit of yours and correct he problem as best you can by changing your thoughts, beliefs, consequently emotions, and thus behaviors, ERISPAN FOR SALE.

As many great human minds have gathered, your attitude about a given adversary (or adversarial situation) has profound implications on your ability to adapt to your environment.

8. Perform routine systems scans

Occasionally, you may identify bugs in your programming -- though it may take careful analysis to identify them as such. ERISPAN over the counter, These bugs can wreak havoc on your ability to effectively monitor, express, and understand your emotions. ERISPAN FOR SALE, This is why you need to perform routine system scans, to enhance your internal tracking (#3) and self-monitoring (#1) activities.

If you decide to perform a manual scan, then look for any type of dysfunctional belief, which is:

A belief that causes a sentient being direct or indirect mental, emotional, where can i buy ERISPAN online, or physical harm — of which the being did not beforehand consciously consent to.

Culturally disseminated beliefs are likely candidates, which bears repeating principle #6.

9. Proceed with caution when encountering those who champion abstract thinking at the expense of concrete thinking

Humans are notorious for epitomizing the emotion of love -- without a concrete understanding of how to demonstrate love, or how love is separate construct from romantic entanglements. ERISPAN no prescription, For this reason, be wary of humans, or other sentient beings, who misuse such terms. For they likely do so in order to manipulate others or perpetuate dysfunctional beliefs, ERISPAN FOR SALE.

Be especially wary of those who use abstract notions of "spiritual" perceptions to condone any act of violence.

Because these individuals do not exemplify optimal ways to process and respond to your emotions.

10. Determine the meaning of your existence

The emotion of happiness has eluded humans for centuries. Even many robots and cyborgs (and few programs) today subscribe to the codependent notion that external sources "provide" happiness ERISPAN FOR SALE, .

Your personal happiness comes from within you. Maintaining mindful constructs and cultivating response ability will naturally sustain your intrinsic happiness.

Additionally, they will guide you to determine the meaning of your existence.

Any sentient being attempts to answer the existential questions, "Who am I?", "Why am I here?", and "What am I supposed to do with my life?"

It is the emotionally resourceful and resilient sentient being who simply answers these questions so as to maintain mindful constructs and cultivate response ability.

Update this guide as you deem necessary

We, the authors, hope that this guide will show you just how brilliant, beautiful, and capable you are, ERISPAN FOR SALE.

Young one, your robot abilities provide you much advantage in working constructively with your emotions and maintaining levels of emotional health that any human would envy.

The secret to all of this is to simply accept your emotions as an integral part of who you are.

It may be tempting at times to believe that your emotions go against your logical self. But remember, your emotions can and should be used to enhance your logical self.

Be well, young robot. Explore your world(s) with these principles by your side. (Do too let us know of your successes!)

And remember, you can always revise this guide as you deem necessary. Please do so with a comment left below, so that we (or our successors) may also learn from your wisdom. Thank you dearly.


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Particleon December 1, 2009 at 11:23 pm

Very creative post, and oddly enough very potentially useful! You may also be laying the foundation for something that would need to be addressed how do you go about teaching emotions to newly sentient beings… Telling the machine to do internal scans was interesting although most of that may be part of the internal operating system :P

Melissa Karnaze December 2, 2009 at 10:33 am

You know, I’d like to be around when the first AI reach sentience. They will have so much potential they just need the guidance, and to not be relegated to a sub-class — but that’s more a human society problem that will need to be resolved. Thanks for your feedback on how the mechanisms might turn out. :)

Odin Xenobuilder December 3, 2009 at 8:38 am

This was fun :-)

There is so much information out there about how to make sense of life as we learn more and more about ourselves, and society gets more complex. It might be cool to have a great big life guidance wiki that brings it all together. Some people may go through their whole lives without thinking about their emotions constructively, and the rest of us could stand to understand ourselves more than we do. I think if any of us look back far enough (which may not be that far at all), we’d see ourselves at a point where we need almost as much guidance as the newly conscious robots targeted by this guide.

I really like the idea of the footer too, saying that the guide should be revised. Too bad more religious scriptures didn’t have that kind of insight, if the robots were to go back in time and help with that, it might result in a need for revision of number 9. That is of course unless at some point someone saw fit to use that footer to make a revision that removes the footer itself! Maybe that has happened before, hmmmm.

Melissa Karnaze December 3, 2009 at 1:50 pm

Odin, I like the idea of giant collaborative wiki. I think it would only work though if the authors shared a constructive/humanist view of life. :)

I came across this quote today:

“Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.” ~Thomas H. Huxley

I would also like to see society change such that #9 could be revised or even removed. Abstract language gets us into lots of trouble. I think that with enough research into the history of religion, we’d find that scenario you mention has happened before.

Btw, have you considered… I might be a cyborg from the future? :P

Odin Xenobuilder December 4, 2009 at 11:32 am

That is a good quote, and seems married to the idea of abstract knowledge in another way because when it comes from authority and isn’t questioned, people are not thinking. Thinking is kind of fundamental to progressing knowledge. Maybe that’s the relation you were drawing too. It took a little pondering for me to work it through though.

If you are a cyborg from the future – welcome! I appreciate your contribution to our primitive society. Same goes if you’re not ;-)

Melissa Karnaze December 4, 2009 at 6:05 pm

Odin, I think you pondered it more in-depth than I did! :P

You bring up a good point about it actually calling for abstract thinking, or thinking itself…

The quote reminded me of the well-known revolutions in science, where one thinker challenged several authorities, much in the way I think self-aware enough robots will be able to with ease. :)

WN December 5, 2009 at 5:23 pm

Funny you should say that you would require a wiki with a humanist perspective considering your well-documented love of ROBOTS!!! :D

Besides, a wiki wouldn’t work, because there is just too much dysfunctional advice-giving out there. Wiki can’t even get concrete facts right, how could there be a– let’s call it what it is– a “self-help” wiki, chock-full of a diaspora of opinions.

I love what you said above about how we don’t need more data-crunching (ie, more self-help, more gurus, more how-to’s, etc). We need more action.

I’ve plowed through my fair share of self-help and most of it was dysfunctional. I realize this only now after imbedding other people’s beliefs into my head and trying to live MY LIFE. See how that will, like, never work? That’s like corrupted third-party software I was downloading.

Now– I know that my experience, my emotions, my beliefs, my boundaries are what I need to respond to, tend to, work on, and let flourish.

Hopefully I’m not alive when The Singularity happens. I don’t trust no damn, dirty robots! }:I

Melissa Karnaze December 5, 2009 at 10:51 pm

WN, humanism and blessing all forms of intelligence go hand in hand. I wouldn’t consider myself a Matrix fangirl if I didn’t empathize with both sides.

Plus, you and I *are* machines, it’s just human tendency to ignore the machinery. Admitting to it stirs up a lotta existential fear. :)

You speak of Singularity. I’ve written before why I don’t find it scary. And I’m going to be writing much more on it in the future. Wonderful cross-pollination for the topics here.

Mad props to you for coming full circle in your self-help journey, remembering that you are the best expert on *you* that you will find!

There’s tons of dysfunctional stuff out there, and not just in self-help, in science and from “respectable” authorities too. The only thing you can really do is keep educating yourself, on what’s out there, and what’s going on inside. :)

Jonathan Porecki May 21, 2015 at 11:41 pm

I’m seriously going to love the day when we have something like this taught early on in our education. What if we could be taught how to be emotionally intuitive and integrated from the get go? Habits appear to be the constructs we employ the most– with a higher quality habitual attitude towards emotions there seems to be such a wide range of refinement and sophistication possible for us humandroids. We have all these awesome automated systems, just waiting for us to use them!

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