by Melissa Karnaze

happy new years CARDURA FOR SALE, Instead of worrying about picking out the right New Year's Resolutions for 2010, take the day to celebrate yourself.

That's right -- you, CARDURA street price. Buy CARDURA from mexico, Yes, resolutions can be a great way to train new habits or fix old problems, kjøpe CARDURA på nett, köpa CARDURA online. Rx free CARDURA, But most resolutions in the name of the new year are usually in need of serious revisions.

That's because they are focused on changing you so that you are a "better" version of yourself, CARDURA canada, mexico, india.

Or rather, more socially acceptable, or even more responsible, CARDURA FOR SALE. Purchase CARDURA, At the root of most New Year's Resolutions are dysfunctional beliefs about personal growth and self-acceptance.

So take a break this year, effects of CARDURA, CARDURA for sale, and focus on what really matters: taking care of you so that your success will naturally fall into place.

Natural success results when you:

    1. Get really clear on what you really want to get done, CARDURA steet value, Online CARDURA without a prescription, and why.
    2. Support yourself so that you can do all you can to get that done.

Reframe short-term wants into long-term goals

If you already made a list of resolutions for 2010, you can use it to discover what exactly you want to accomplish, CARDURA used for. Is CARDURA addictive, Did you list "Stop biting my nails," "Become an early riser, order CARDURA online c.o.d, Australia, uk, us, usa, " "Eat healthier," or "Listen more", buy CARDURA from canada.

Behind each of those short-term wants is a long-term goal CARDURA FOR SALE, . CARDURA from canada,

  • Kicking the nail-biting may be the first step to deal with nervousness productively.
  • Early rising may be the first step toward having the time to finish your first novel.
  • Healthy eating may be the first step toward eating more locally and becoming more self-reliant.
  • Listening more may be the first step toward better relationships, and breaking the habit of codependency.

So what it is that you want right now, CARDURA mg. CARDURA maximum dosage, And what long-term goal does that want lead to.

See the bigger picture

Listing out short-term wants is easy, ordering CARDURA online. Is CARDURA safe, Realizing that they're part of something bigger takes more work.

Oftentimes, you won't succeed at the short-term goals until you see how they're connected to the larger ones, CARDURA FOR SALE.

And the short-term goals sometimes to distract you from the longer-term ones, CARDURA from mexico. CARDURA pictures, Like when you try to quick-fix procrastination without facing your feelings -- it won't last.

Some of the longer-term goals take years to develop, comprar en línea CARDURA, comprar CARDURA baratos, Buy cheap CARDURA, so it's now wonder you might subconsciously distract yourself from them.

But hey, after CARDURA, you've got a whole year ahead of you.

Support yourself in reaching your goals

Why not get clear now and what you really CARDURA FOR SALE, want to achieve.

Once you do, then you can start to get creative and brainstorm all the ways you can help make that happen this year.

Not by imposing unnecessary limits on yourself without understanding what they stand for (which is what most resolutions are).

But by taking inventory of all the resources out there that can help you succeed.

Some resources are completely free, such as books from the library, or articles on the internet.

Others may cost a bit of money, but the price limit is for you to decide, CARDURA FOR SALE.

Start today, by celebrating yourself

After you've listed all the available resources that can help you out this year, take the rest of the day off.

Don't worry -- when you need to access a resource, it will be there waiting for you, or you can go out and find it.

For now, just celebrate yourself.

Do something fun, entertaining, relaxing. CARDURA FOR SALE, Explore a new place. Be open to new experience.

Really, go do something nice for yourself. You deserve it.

It's the only way to really achieve those long-term goals... with natural success.

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WN January 5, 2010 at 12:23 pm

Yeah I gave up NY Res’s a long time ago but not for any of the good reasons above. Just thought of it as hoopla.

Why are people trying to go to the gym more in the dead of winter when we naturally just want to put on a nice little pooch belly for a few months. Unnatural. Wait until the spring when the birds are chirping to start shedding a couple L-B’s. More natural. :)

Jan 1st is such the arbitrary time to start anew. Start anew whenever you want, and def not to become more “status quo.”

Melissa Karnaze January 5, 2010 at 2:53 pm

Somehow, I think gym memberships (even if unused) will always sell more than “nice little pooch bellies!” lol But I never noticed that dead of winter thing.

That’s another downside to resolutions. They train you to think you’ve got one shot on the 1st and you can’t blow it. But personal growth is not about such a rigid time frame. It’s not even on a schedule.

Nonetheless, Happy New Year to you WN. :)

WN January 6, 2010 at 10:58 am

Pooch belly in the winter. Rock-hard six-pack abs in the summer.

Happy New Year, sweetheart. ;)

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