by Melissa Karnaze

V_2009_Intertitle GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE, There was a powerful metaphor in the opening of Tuesday night's ABC episode of V. (The re-imagining of the 1983 original miniseries.)

Anna, the leader of Earth's alien Visitors, performed what's called bliss, GENERIC PROVIGIL long term.

Welcome to bliss, evil lizard style

Bliss is a direct communication link that the queen lizard has with her people. GENERIC PROVIGIL brand name, Anna sits naked in a white chamber and physically speaks to every one of her subjects, who are either on the planet, or the space ships docked above Earth.

Her voice is directly plugs into their minds, order GENERIC PROVIGIL from mexican pharmacy.

(Yes, V is science fiction, GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE. Caprica's over and LOST has only five episodes to go; V has promise.)

What V bliss really is

Morena Baccarin, the actress who plays Anna, Buy GENERIC PROVIGIL no prescription, describes bliss in an interview with Details magazine :

"Bliss is Anna's way of checking in with her people, keeping them happy, and taking care of them. She can bliss them out physically and emotionally and it makes them want to do what's best for the species."

Let's hear how Anna blissed out her people during Tuesday's episode, GENERIC PROVIGIL recreational. This is what she injected in their minds:

"No need for regrets, for mistakes made yesterday. GENERIC PROVIGIL price, coupon, The past is gone. GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE, No looming fate, no uncontrollable destiny. No hunger, no sickness, no fear, cheap GENERIC PROVIGIL, no death. Nothing ahead, GENERIC PROVIGIL forum, nothing behind. Only stillness, a sanctuary of peace and tranquility."

This spiritual jargon is all too familiar.

V bliss is bullshit, buy GENERIC PROVIGIL without prescription, brilliantly spun

It's exactly what many New Age leaders program in their followers today.

And it's dangerously close to the language surrounding mainstream mindfulness, GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE.

Many charismatic and credentialed leaders try to lure unsuspecting others into their own version of bliss -- with prizes like Enlightenment and Ascension. What is GENERIC PROVIGIL, It's no different from the lure of Heaven, or God's New Kingdom.

These are all imaginary "places" you have to sustain through faith -- often at the expense of taking care of of the dirty details of living real life.

Brilliantly spun bullshit is dangerous

Let's hear what else Anna had to say to her loyal subjects:

"My bliss envelopes you, no prescription GENERIC PROVIGIL online, protects you. GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE, Together we shall experience eternal joy, in a rapture of ecstasy, and safety.

You will bask in my light, GENERIC PROVIGIL use, wrapped in the warmth of my divine touch."

Those words are empty. Nothing but air. False hopes that sound so incredibly good -- to a codependent mind fixing for some quick-fix happy.

V delivers the metaphor perfectly, low dose GENERIC PROVIGIL.

An evil reptilian queen using mind control that's sheathed with triggers like "light," "eternal joy," "ecstasy," "safety," and "divinity."

What pounds the metaphor even further is Anna's next scene, GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE. When an adviser tells her that during that very blissing, one of her subjects detonated a suicide bomb on his ship. Where can i buy GENERIC PROVIGIL online, (If he were a loyal subject, he would have been blissing out, not reaching for a bomb.)

"The fifth column is immune to my bliss," Anna responds to her adviser with disdain, GENERIC PROVIGIL steet value. "They've begun to feel human emotion, empathy, Where to buy GENERIC PROVIGIL, love."

Bliss only works on non-thinkers

She knows this is dangerous, because when her subjects become more humanized, they know the clear difference between real love and the disembodied kind of love she promotes through bliss.

In other words, GENERIC PROVIGIL no prescription, the blissing trance no longer grips them. GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE, They hear through the lies.

The suicide bomber heard through the lies. GENERIC PROVIGIL pics, Let's go back to that scene.

Resisting the blissing

During the blissing, a young man runs to his lover, hoping to break her from the trance, GENERIC PROVIGIL images.

"Please, look at me, My GENERIC PROVIGIL experience, " he cries. "She's taking your minds and your lives in return for nothing but lies."

He looks around at the others, all standing in place with eyes looking up in rapture and ears for Anna's voice alone, GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE.

"Mia, I love you. Anna can steal you no longer."

And then he sets off the bomb, buy GENERIC PROVIGIL from canada.

It's another powerful metaphor.

Dangerous bliss has infiltrated our mainstream New Age self-help

The young man symbolizes the black sheep in the herd, Kjøpe GENERIC PROVIGIL på nett, köpa GENERIC PROVIGIL online, the one who doesn't want to hear the lies any longer. GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE, Yet the other sheep are entranced.

Much in the way New-Age-ies are content with promises of Unconditional Love and Infinity White Light.

While they're looking up in rapture, life is passing them by, GENERIC PROVIGIL wiki.

(Much of the New Age is a distraction from real, earthly life.)

When you get junkied up on empty, GENERIC PROVIGIL cost, abstract, detached-from-the-nitty-gritties-of-real-life fiction -- though it's more commonly referred to as self-help these days -- you're stolen away from loved ones (including yourself), and noble pursuits.

Bliss is dangerous when it's empty, rx free GENERIC PROVIGIL.

And these days, dangerous bliss is proliferate.

Don't believe me.

Pick up a copy of the best-selling The Power of Now, and then read through Anna's trance again.

(WN knows what I'm talking about.)

Bliss can be dangerous; it's better to be mindful of how.


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WN April 8, 2010 at 10:40 am

Oh my god I loved V!!!

I was 5 years old when I watched flesh being ripped off of (seemingly) human faces only to reveal the SCALES and the YELLOW EYES.


I don’t really watch TV nowadays, but this new iteration sounds AWESOME.

As you may know there’s a whole cult of people who really believe lizards are at the helm of our government (a la David Icke), which is totally great–I mean whatever–between Lizards running the G8 to the Power of Now this world truly does have something for everyone :D

Thanks for the shouts out of late for the ol’ blog, btw. Anyone out there toying around with the idea of starting a blog–DO IT!–it’s the best thing you could do for YOURSELF.

Excited about any upcoming sci fi?

Personally, I would LOVE to see a live-action version of Robotech (all three generations).

But then again, I really wanted a live-action version of GI Joe, and we all know how THAT turned out.

Just went to Wonder-Con in SF last weekend and saw Milla Jovavich who is so incredibly NICE and COOL. I will watch the next Resident Evil, FOR SURE, just for her. Plus it’s in James Cameron 3-D, so I think it’s actually gonna be worth it just for that.

I’m geekin’ out! Someone stop me! : P

Melissa Karnaze April 8, 2010 at 12:52 pm

As far as sci fi goes, I mostly have catching up to do! But new stuff, can’t wait till Caprica starts again. Just started Stargate: Universe. And so far enjoying V. Despite the silly way the writers are treating the whole “human emotion” thing (it’s a plot device).

That’s neat you got to meet Jovovich, I’m a fan of her.

As you may know there’s a whole cult of people who really believe lizards are at the helm of our government (a la David Icke), which is totally great–I mean whatever–between Lizards running the G8 to the Power of Now this world truly does have something for everyone :D

Yep, and I’ve heard that the Reptilians seeded/infiltrated the New Age to sham its counter-religious movement. “New Age” very much it’s own religion now. Anyway, yes, I hear about a lot of things. ;)

WN April 9, 2010 at 3:53 pm

Oh man I wish I had the time to dive into one of these TV series. The problem is the commitment–you know what I mean. You have to watch from the beginning so you know what every character is going through.

I find it more fun to hang out with a friend who’s really into it and then they tell me the whole story–that’s how I know what’s going on in Lost–sorta.

Watched the first 2-hour episode of Battlestar and LOVED IT. But never found the time to watch anymore of it. I know a lot of people who are into Stargate, but again, same problem.

Since we’re talking sci fi, you’ve got to read The Road by Cormac McCarthy–in fact everyone must. Different genre of sci fi than above mentioned, but absolutely ESSENTIAL. Haven’t seen the movie yet and I don’t know if I want to.

“Anyway, yes, I hear about a lot of things. ;)”


Do you know something you’re not telling us?

Why so cryptic?

C’mon, this is the Internet. What else have you heard? :)

Melissa Karnaze April 9, 2010 at 4:10 pm

If you liked the Bstar miniseries, I really recommend watching it someday.

I did see The Road, and it was a very good, yet extremely dark film. I hear it didn’t live up to the novel, or visualized post-apocalyptic Earth in a different way.

Do you know something you’re not telling us?

lol I didn’t mean to be cryptic. Just to say, there may sometimes be more dimension to an article than meets the eye.

I do keep the articles here accessible — because that’s what response ability is all about. :)

But that doesn’t mean I don’t research plenty of “alternative” topics whenever I can steal the time. For instance, it’s been way too long since I’ve properly listened to an interesting Coast to Coast AM show. That’s a good hub for “alternative.”

WN April 12, 2010 at 7:50 am

Yeah, I don’t know how to say this without sounding cliche but The Road is totally not a movie–I don’t know how anyone filmed that without perverting everything that the story is really about. McCarthy’s language and poetry is what is at the heart of the message. I can only imagine that the film couldn’t be anything but daunting and heavy while the novel is LIFE-CHANGING.

J-K about the cryptic message! I think we all have a yearning for the mysteries of life. X-Files used to be my number one favorite show (speaking of TV). I think our generation is much more open to these types of things (well, ANYTHING goes in the information age; I guess it’s just symptomatic of this era)–maybe the Galactic Confederacy will finally take us into consideration.

Okay, this blog is about emotions, right? I’ll let you get back to work. ;)

Melissa Karnaze April 12, 2010 at 10:34 am

Yes, well this blog could very well explore alternative topics too… after all, we collectively create a social construct in denial of much that is going on in the world. (There’s a reason I wrote an article for this site.)

But that would require much more research on my part, which I don’t have time for right now, and as I see it there is still so much ground that needs to be covered more immediately. :)

And don’t you know that I’m writing here to help humanity mature so we won’t be the new kids on the block, but up for Confederacy consideration? :P

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