by Melissa Karnaze

Let's face it, <b>ATIVAN FOR SALE</b>, you're too young for anyone who disagree with youNo matter how much experience you have. No matter how much wisdom you've gained. No matter how many birthday candles you've blown out. ATIVAN canada, mexico, india, Or how many teeth you've lost.

You're too young to be taken seriously.

Or, someone out there, older than you, thinks you're too young to be taken seriously, ATIVAN FOR SALE.

What "too young" really means

When someone tells you "You're too young (to be taken seriously)," they really mean:

"I'm not able or willing to defend my point without bringing in sideways personal attacks like your lack of age or experience, ATIVAN price. But hopefully you'll get so intimidated by me that you won't even notice."

Someone who has real confidence in their own age-old wisdom and experience. Doesn't have to personally attack someone else to invalidate or belittle their opinion. ATIVAN alternatives, (And doesn't bother to engage in the first place, unless they're genuinely purposeful about it.)

"You're too young" says loads more about the wizened one that the youth's lack of wisdom.

Sometimes you are too young

ATIVAN FOR SALE, Yes, there are occasions when your opinion isn't taken as seriously because you are in fact too young or inexperienced to "know enough" about the topic at hand.

But that doesn't cut you out altogether.

"You're too young" is a reflection on them

Let's break it down, ATIVAN pics.

  • Someone out there encounters you and gets to hear your opinion on a matter.
  • They don't like that opinion for whatever reason (usually due to triggered fear).

Now, at this point they have a clear choice. ATIVAN forum, They can:

  • Walk away, do nothing, or avoid arguing over the matter.
  • Disagree with you by talking strictly about the issue at hand. (Through which they may convince you to reconsider your opinions that you arrived to by virtue of being "too young.")
  • Disagree with you by talking sort-of about the issue at hand, and despite going on tangents, avoid bringing in your lack of age or experience.
  • Disagree with you by bringing in your lack of age or experience, as if that constitutes talking strictly about the issue at hand, ATIVAN FOR SALE. (In certain cases, order ATIVAN from United States pharmacy, like a club where only people over forty are allowed to join, this does constitute talking strictly about the issue.)

When they choose the last option, Taking ATIVAN, they avoid talking about the issue head-on, and draw attention to your lack of age or experience to distract you (and perhaps themself) from their evasion.

And they may be:

  • Letting fear take the reigns -- the fear that your opinion stirs in them.
  • Trying to cover up their fear or other negative reaction -- also triggered by your opinion -- by making you the problem.

A Mindful Construct example

Let's look at at Mindful Construct example and juice a negative blog comment to further illustrate this point.

In the article "3 Dangerous Myths of Disneyland" I discussed three cultural myths about Disneyland that are -- you guessed it -- dangerous, where can i cheapest ATIVAN online.

Commenter Lionel Mandrake didn't like what I had to say. ATIVAN FOR SALE, But he didn't go on to disagree with the actual issue at hand -- the three dangerous myths of Disneyland. As in, ATIVAN duration, whether the myths do exist or are in fact dangerous or something else on topic.

He went on to say:

"Aren’t there more egregious dangers for our kids than this?"

(Which was meant to belittle the article.)

So I then responded to the issue he brought up.

To which he returned with:

"You seem to be very young and no, there’s no problem with that, australia, uk, us, usa. Young people have a very important and essential idealism to contribute.

As a parent, with 20+ years of experience, I also think I might have a valid perspective in the balance."

There's a lot going on in this quote, so let's take it line by line, ATIVAN FOR SALE.

In the first two sentences we have some double-speak and some cover-up. Fast shipping ATIVAN, Double-speak:

"You seem to be very young and no, there’s no problem with that."

If there was no problem with being very young (assuming that I seem to be "very young"), then why bring it up in the first place.

When you don't want someone to think about a white elephant in the room, ATIVAN dose, you don't say to them: "Don't think about a white elephant in the room."

This sentence may appear harmless because age discrimination doesn't have a horrible rep. But if it were adjusted to say, Buy generic ATIVAN, race discrimination, it might make you cringe:

"You seem to be half Chinese and no, there's no problem with that. Chinese people have a very important and essential cultural perspective to contribute."

In the next sentence:

ATIVAN FOR SALE, "As a parent, with 20+ years of experience, I also think I might have a valid perspective in the balance."

The part about 20+ years of parental experience is one thing. Designed to validate Lionel's opinion, ATIVAN schedule. And perhaps imply that unless I have 20+ years of parental experience, my opinion is worth less than his. No prescription ATIVAN online, (By the way, by no means are parents only allowed to have valid opinions on the three dangerous myths of Disneyland discussed.)

Now putting aside the possibility that a parent could very well have 20+ years of parental experience but learn little to nothing valuable about actually being a "good" parent (I'll let you define the term), just having 20+ years of parental experience doesn't mean that you'll stay on topic and address an opinion head-on.

I'll rephrase that, online buying ATIVAN hcl. Lionel's sentence above exemplifies what we already covered, ATIVAN FOR SALE.

That people can draw attention to your lack of age or experience to distract you (and perhaps themself) when they in fact avoid talking about the issue (and your opinion) head-on.

In Lionel's previous statement, Kjøpe ATIVAN på nett, köpa ATIVAN online, he asked if there weren't more important dangers to children than the three myths of Disneyland. That was an evasion of the article itself. His way of not responding directly to the article's content.

The following comments about age were a distraction to cover up ATIVAN FOR SALE, that up evasion. (Because I did call attention to the evasion.)

Now, where can i buy ATIVAN online, Lionel wasn't obligated to respond directly to the article in his comment. But the point is that in his response, Where to buy ATIVAN, he implied (even if indirectly) that I was too young and too inexperienced to have an opinion that he would take seriously. And the rest of the comment builds upon that implication.

This is why the world is messed up

What Lionel demonstrated is just one form of deflection. Deflecting an opinion he didn't like, agree with, respect, or want to hear, ATIVAN FOR SALE.

Unhealthy deflection, online buy ATIVAN without a prescription, such as this example, corrodes relationships or the potential for them to form and thrive. ATIVAN wiki, Healthy relationships are as strong as the connection between both individuals. And connection is formed through mutual care and empathy. Unhealthy deflection has no place in this picture. ATIVAN FOR SALE, You either care about hearing what the other person thinks and feels and has to say, (even if you don't particularly like it at the time) or you don't. And instead deflect their thoughts, buy ATIVAN from mexico, feelings or opinions or demonstrate that you don't care in other ways.

Adults have all sorts of ways to deflect children and their feelings. ATIVAN dosage, "Stop being a baby" is just one. And guess what happens to children who grow up being deflected left and right. Among many things, they become master deflectors themselves, ATIVAN FOR SALE. They invalidate their own thoughts, feelings, ATIVAN from canada, and opinions, as well as those of others. Effects of ATIVAN, And it goes 'round and 'round and humans on the planet struggle to form meaningful, lasting, healthy connections with one another.

"As a parent, with 20+ years of experience, I also think I might have a valid perspective in the balance."

Of course Lionel has a valid perspective in the balance. But it's not because he's been a parent for 20+ years. ATIVAN FOR SALE, And communicating that perspective by deflecting the article's main points itself doesn't move the conversation in a constructive manner.

This is just one example of how experience and age doesn't mean that you will be open to listening to and learning from new, sometimes "younger," perspectives.

Protect your youth

You're not too young for your opinion to matter.

When someone tries to deflect your opinion because they think you're too young, let them. Read such a statement for what it is: a reflection on the wizened and not the youth's lack of wisdom.

Retain your youth, ATIVAN FOR SALE. Keep your spirit. Cherish your curiosity. And nurture your wonder.

That will keep you connected to the world. ATIVAN FOR SALE, That what will keep you from doing exactly what those old fogeys do to you.

And never deflect your own opinions for such a superficial reason as lack of age. Own your opinions, and own them with confidence.

What do you think?

Feel free to share your constructive feedback and/or genuine questions below.

This is the second article in the series "Juicing Negative Blog Comments," where I deconstruct real comments left here on the site. You can subscribe here for an update on the next article in the series, ATIVAN FOR SALE.

About the Author: Melissa Karnaze founded Mindful Construct because lots of people in this world deflect others left and right. She wants you to see that for what it is, and wants you to increase your emotional resilience to change that cycle.

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{ 4 comments… read them below or add one }

Willy September 3, 2010 at 10:22 pm

Hi Melissa,

Might something like this be a good portrayal of how one could act “response ably” as described in an article previous to this one or irresonsponse bly – i.e., deflection (especially with intentions to intimidate).

I would also like to add what I consider a very relevant quotation: “Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.” — Aldous Huxley

Looking forward to your next post :-)

Adrienne September 4, 2010 at 1:03 am

Hi Melissa,
I agree with your article. I have heard this said to me quite often, and it’s very frustrating. But as I hit the 30- year mark, the same thing happened the other way around. People started telling me I was too old (for a job, for a new experience, for an adventure), and the danger is that you begin to lose your self-worth.

Simply put, age discrimination is disrespectful.

mike kirkeberg September 5, 2010 at 9:03 am

Age discrimination is an interesting concept. I recall years ago seeing a poster that, I think, at the time I thought of rather snidely. It said, “If you think age discrimination hasn’t affected you, just wait.” More profound words are few and far between. And this is one form of discrimination that, if it doesn’t get much play, truly should. I speak from experience.
For the commenter to disregard your opinion because of your age affords him the opportunity to disagree without having an opinion of his own.
Good job in dissection.

Melissa Karnaze September 5, 2010 at 12:37 pm

Hi Willy, yes I would say this has a lot to do with response ability. When someone encounters an opinion they don’t like, it’s not ideal for them to respond by deflecting it in such a manner. Because in the end it’s not constructive, just wastes time, and problem masks a deeper issue of upset that will continue going unaddressed.

That’s a great quote from Aldous Huxley. It’s a myth that more experience equals more wisdom gained from that experience.

Hi Adrienne, yes age discrimination both ways is harmful and disrespectful. This article could easily be written the other way around. Just because you don’t have the exact same experience as another person — whether that be because you are younger and less experienced, or older and experienced in different (non “youthful” ways) or viewed as incapable of learning from experience — your experience is still valid as your experience.

Anyone who wants to belittle you for that has a problem being confident in the validity of their own experience.

mike, I really like how you put it:

“For the commenter to disregard your opinion because of your age affords him the opportunity to disagree without having an opinion of his own.”

This is exactly what happens. And it’s not very helpful or response able to attack another opinion without offering your own opinion in a constructive manner. The point of sharing and/or listening to other people’s opinions is to help you better form and understand your own.

Thanks guys for your comments!

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