by Melissa Karnaze

It's all about you BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, With enough time on their side, people usually get over heartbreak.

But that doesn't mean you should count on "time," or "getting busier" (which makes time go by "faster") to move on with your life.

The only way to get over heartbreak is by letting your heart break -- and then putting it back together, order LORMETAZEPAM online c.o.d.

You might figure this out by accident, especially with enough time and support from family and friends. Ordering LORMETAZEPAM online, Or you can navigate your way.

To ensure that you find the light at the end of the tunnel, and get back to living your life, you need to get mindful about heartbreak, BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

What's in heartbreak

What does it mean to get over heartbreak. Does it mean that it no longer hurts. That you no longer love the other person, about LORMETAZEPAM. That what you once shared is no longer important. BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, It can mean those things, but it doesn't have to. The point of "getting over it" is that you can successfully continue on with your life -- without that person. Order LORMETAZEPAM from mexican pharmacy, "Success" is by your own standards.

Getting over heartbreak includes three crucial steps:

    • Grieving your loss
    • Creating a new identity for yourself
    • Committing to your relationship with you

When you do this successfully, it's a no-brainer to get back to living your life. You're ready to move on to new things, buy cheap LORMETAZEPAM. You feel happy on your own, BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

Let your heart break

Heartbreak isn't just something that happens. You have to allow it too. Discount LORMETAZEPAM, Someone might abandon you -- emotionally or physically. But if you don't let yourself fully feel how bad that hurts -- it's not really heartbreak. BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, To get over heartbreak, you have to first let your heart break.

If someone breaks your heart but you don't want to admit it or fully feel it -- you won't be able to heal.

And you'll most likely develop dysfunctional coping mechanisms, LORMETAZEPAM no prescription, personal narratives, or numbing strategies -- that will sabotage any future relationships. Buy LORMETAZEPAM without prescription, In order to let your heart break, you have to be completely honest with yourself, every step of the way. Some days you may cry your eyes out, LORMETAZEPAM no rx, some days you may get jealous, get angry, LORMETAZEPAM pics, or want to stay in bed. Honoring those feelings means honoring your heart, BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

Be self-centered

As part of the grieving process, or letting your heart break, you'll be pretty self-centered at times, LORMETAZEPAM price.

    • "Why did he leave me. I'm the only one for him."
    • "How dare she hurt me, Rx free LORMETAZEPAM, after all I've done for her!"
    • "He didn't deserve me -- he never deserved me!"
    • "Why can't something good ever happen for me. Does the universe hate me?"

Being self-centered means getting in touch with your raw feelings -- those feelings that you probably didn't acknowledge or express during the relationship. BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, You'll probably uncover a lot of unjustified anger, jealousy, guilt, resentment or shame that you would normally stuff down. However, when letting your heart break, LORMETAZEPAM blogs, it's not that easy. Your heart speaks loudly, After LORMETAZEPAM, making sure you know when something's wrong.

Learn how to read your self-centered cries and complaints as valuable clues to what went wrong.

It's only by looking at those problems and conflicts that you can learn how to take response ability for your part, and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future, no prescription LORMETAZEPAM online.

Find the holes in your heart

Each time you cry out self-centeredly in pain, it points to some wound you haven't yet healed, BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

Here are some possible wounds that the previous outcries could potentially point to:

    "Why did he leave me. I'm the only one for him."

      Clue: Being the "only one" for someone can validate your existence in an unhealthy, Generic LORMETAZEPAM, codependent way.

      Potential Wound: Inability to feel okay being single; only feeling worthy when validated by a partner; lack of self-confidence.

    "How dare she hurt me, after all I've done for her!"

      Clue: She shouldn't have left because of "all that was done" for her. There was a breach of some unspoken agreement.

      Potential Wound: Lack of setting healthy boundaries in relationships; giving with the expectation of something in return; inability to ask for what's needed by instead giving so much in hopes that someday needs will be met.

    "He didn't deserve me -- he never deserved me!"

      Clue: Being with him meant "settling for less."

      Potential Wound: Settling for partners that fail to show respect or appreciation; settling for less-than-deserved treatment; lack of self-respect.

    "Why can't something good ever happen for me, buying LORMETAZEPAM online over the counter. Does the universe hate me?"

      Clue: The universe is issuing punishment.

      Potential Wound: Unresolved past heartbreaks that led to dysfunctional beliefs about being treated "unfairly" by cosmic forces of fate; an attitude of victimhood rather than response ability.

It's all about you

A big part of heartbreak is about the other person BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, (who broke your heart).

But sometimes you play a part in your own heartbreak. For instance, LORMETAZEPAM reviews, by accepting less than you deserve.

The other big part of heartbreak is about you.

Your unhealed wounds from the past. Your vulnerabilities, BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Your costly mistakes, LORMETAZEPAM results. Your dysfunctional beliefs about yourself that you've picked up along the way. Your lack of self-love and confidence. Purchase LORMETAZEPAM online, Heartbreak is a very personal thing. BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Your heart has a history.

When it's broken, you have the chance to understand that history.

So that ultimately, buy LORMETAZEPAM online cod, you can better protect your heart. And learn how to let go. LORMETAZEPAM long term, Because in every single moment for the rest of your life -- something could happen that shatters your heart to pieces.

Be brave, BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Accept that. It means you're human and you dare to live and love -- which means risking getting hurt.

Each time you take heartbreak as an opportunity to heal and get to know your past -- you create a new and brighter identity for yourself, LORMETAZEPAM over the counter. You create a better future. BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, You have more options to choose from.

Commit to yourself

The final ingredient for getting over heartbreak is committing to yourself. What is LORMETAZEPAM, Yes, this means a long-term relationship with you. You're stuck with that relationship for life.

At some point you have to make the decision to find a way to move on without the other person, LORMETAZEPAM overnight. You move on from loss through grief, BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. And accepting that your life is now changed because they're gone.

You have to make a conscious commitment to make that new life the best it can be. That's self-love.

Feel your way through

You can't control what happens in your life, but you can choose your attitude, and how you love. BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, But that's about it.

Nothing more to the show.

Pretty scary.

It can be, for a while.

Until you realize how powerful your heart is.

Your heart might be fragile, she might break at times, BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. But she comes back. She takes risks again, loves again.


About the Author: Melissa Karnaze loves to hear from readers like you. BUY LORMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, This article was inspired by a reader request. Have a topic you'd like to see covered on Mindful Construct. Send Melissa a message through the contact form.

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Kelley Mitchell November 12, 2010 at 12:05 pm

“The only way to get over heartbreak is by letting your heart break — and then putting it back together.”

Thank you Melissa.

Melissa Karnaze November 13, 2010 at 12:43 pm

My pleasure Kelley :)

Steven November 14, 2010 at 9:37 am

You’re so smart Melissa. And you make your philosophy so down-to-earth and practical. I really envy your ability to be so clear and precise.

I think it is important to let ourselves be full with our heartbreak, no matter how painful it may at first seem. Only by fully accepting it and feeling it can we ever be satisfied and move on.

The hardest part is re-connecting with yourself when it is all over. Accepting that the experience has changed you (for the better), and now it is time to embark on a new journey.

Melissa Karnaze November 14, 2010 at 10:06 am

That’s kind of you to say Steven :)

“The hardest part is re-connecting with yourself when it is all over. Accepting that the experience has changed you (for the better), and now it is time to embark on a new journey.”

Yes, it’s challenging. And sometimes it takes heartbreak to finally start connecting with yourself.

Zareena Stadnik January 17, 2011 at 11:05 pm

I’m so glad I came across your site and particularly this article, which has great insights. It is so true!

Amy August 9, 2012 at 9:30 am

Why do you label the heart female?

Jeremy June 24, 2013 at 4:44 pm

I just read this…i was in my first real relationship (i’m 18) and i’m the one that broke it off because i felt i was depressing her (no lack of communication on the subject either). less than 2 weeks later she’s got a new man on her shoulders, one of my good friends, and then everything just collapsed on me. i guess i broke my own heart. Don’t think i’m ready for a relationship again yet, but i really needed to read this melissa, as it put the pieces together as to why i felt much better after my emotion breakdown today (i’m not afraid to admit it lol). Thanks (:

Someone who is hurting September 18, 2013 at 6:32 pm

I have tears streaming down my face as I read this article. It really hit home. I’m in the process of letting go of a close friend I care about, and have very deep feelings for. It’s been really hard as this is not my choice, he has distanced himself from me, without much explanation, yet along the way not treated me well at all so I know it’s probably best for me in the long run to end things as it just hurts me way too much . Wish my heart would catch up to my head! Crying helps, but there are so many unanswered questions and slowly I am accepting I’ll never find out why this has happened, what changed his mind about me. My blinders are still slightly though, but once they are off I’ll probably see a lot of red flags that I missed along the way.

Thank you posting this blog, it really helps!

Lia November 6, 2013 at 5:10 pm

I decided to leave a comment so that everyone that comes across this article will be able to know my story. I thought I was in love, in love with a guy that was a year younger than me. We dated for a little over a year and a half. He was my first kiss, the first guy I said I love you to, my first real relationship, the guy I lost my virginity to. He was my first everything. He told me all the right things, He even started showing up in my dreams. We planned on spending our lives together..I thought he was going to be the one I was going to marry. I hated the idea of having kids; he was the one that change my mind. When we met it was that cheesy “love at first sight feeling” it was instant sparks. We had the same taste in music, same taste in everything from food to clothes. Then on October 3rd, 2013 he dumped me. For no particular reason at all. He’s onto his 2nd relationship since we’ve broken up and barely a month has passed and he acts as if I’m nothing.
And here I am looking up ways to get over a heartbreak. I’m trying to remember all the bad things he’s ever done but it’s like all the good times are blocking my view from realizing what a jerk he really was, too immature for relationships, I guess. I’m trying not to “stalk” him on social networks but it’s so hard. One day I’m fine…the next I’m waking up at 3 in the morning bursting into tears, fighting the urge to give him a call or text. All of this is nothing I couldn’t have ever imagined would happen to us. I feel like one of those pathetic girls that fall so deep in love so early in life and now here I am feeling like I can’t get over it. I thought I was stronger than this; but I’m graduating high school in May and off to the Marines I go. I need to get as far away from here as possible….

Thank you for posting article, I’m going to let my heartbreak some more and hopefully get over it and get myself together soon.

D rides again November 22, 2013 at 2:12 am

Reading this article has touched home for me, I myself met someone that we both fell in love at first sight, im in my 40s and thru all my relationships, this is the first time i ever fell “In Love” he was honest with me thru this short term love affair, and i knew what to expect.. I knew he was going to go back to his ex-girlfriend, he felt he needed to give it a chance, they been with one another for 3 years, prior to him being incarcerated. When he was in the process of getting released, he was in a work furlow program I had done a favor for his mom, and helped him everyday , picked him up took him to work and dropped him off, day in and day out.. we connected and fell in love, i was going thru a bad break up, and he helped me thru it, i picked myself up, and became stronger than i ever been, because of his compassion and love, he was in love with 2 people at the same time, Me and her, at first she didnt even want to be with him, when she seen us together it all changed.. when she came back into his life, we still continued to see one another on the down low,He told me to wait for him, this is what he needed to do. However it hurt so much i had to set him free.. like i said , i knew wat to expect however i cant stop my heart from feeling, and whatever consequences came with after it was all said and done, it was all on me.. for the last year, i shed alot of tears, hopeing and waiting that he would return, rumours went around that he was having major problems in his relationship,even more it made me believe he be back and i knew deep in my heart we had something special, i didnt know how to except it,i believed that our special “moment in time” would bring him back once he realized how good it was,I couldnt understand how a love so right, how could it be wrong? i was in denial, even the fact that i was heartbroken, i needed to get past this heartbreak, eventually i started to google forums on “How to get over a heartbreak” and it really helped me. it made me see things so different, it made me realize that he wasnt coming back, he already made up his mind, and if he wanted to be with me he would. im eventually getting over him, i dont cry any tears, i dont wait for him to return, and i have built up confidence within myself, its a slow process, However i believe, im a strong women, i can and eventually will get past this, reading and learning about it has helped me get thru it , In all this i have found the meaning when they say “Love Hurts” because it truly does.

Broken hearted by the beach December 30, 2013 at 6:55 pm

well this has helped alot i am one to hold things in and try to numb the pain my ex girlfriend who i really loved was my first real love in a long time i had used drugs for the past 15 years and that always numbed the pain i have been a year and a half clean and today on the day before new years eve she broke up to me her exact words was find someone else to go out with for the new year and i am just to heart broken to even want anyone else i really just want her and it sucks to know that i will see her again or get a phone call again or a text or anything it is really hard and i hate how this feels but would like to say thank you for this article i am going to grieve and try to focus on myself for a while

k March 18, 2014 at 3:06 pm

Hi D rides again. I have recently experienced almost the same situation you are in. Yourpost was in November 2013, I hope you are leading a happier life now in march 2014. I struggle to get over this man, no, boy, that has broken ny heart. He told me to wait for him, a couple of months and he will figure things out. Yet he wanted to run our relationship open just in case something happened with his ex, and ‘things would be what they are’. He has used me repeatedly and it is not fair to me nor her. They have an incredibly toxic relationship and I refuse to be part of it. I have too much of self respect to be emotionally abused and jerked around. It is outrageous ans upsetting to see that there are so many damagred broken people in the world. Thank you for the article I promise I will not settle for any less than I deserve.


Lu May 27, 2014 at 10:37 am

Thank you for this post. I am truly heartbroken and although it’s not the first time it feels like the hardest time. I really believed that when you met someone and were best friends first it was ok to let down your guard but all the qualities I bring to a relationship were shot down. I was too caring and it annoyed him, I was too generous and it annoyed him I was faithful but yet he compared our relationship to an idealised version of one where she had been cheating for two months. I talked honestly about my insecurities in a calm constructive way and he blamed our communication issues and that we talked too much. I feel lost and alone and wanting to hibernate or disappear and this is helping me to accept this is ok and only temporary and I hope I will learn and I can love again with the same intensity towards someone who will appreciate it. Sending love and peace to all breaking hearts

manoj June 4, 2014 at 10:30 pm

hi thank u for this wonderful article . My girl brokeup with me some time after being in a relationship for more than 6 years just because i dont earn more than her . i could not believe the fact that she left me just to have a more luxurious life . Feels bad sometime but with this article i have hope that one day even my heart will heal and i will be happy again. thanks once again .

Melanie June 17, 2014 at 3:50 am

Thank’s for the very moving words. I am going threw a “double heartbreak” I like to call it. My 16 year old niece passed away 7 month’s ago and my boyfriend and I broke up just a couple month’s ago. I have been struggling to heal but now realize after reading this article that I just have to let my heart break first! I’ve read many articles and blogs but your’s have touched me in a different way! I hope to read more from you during my journey to recovery.
Thank you again,

Lynn June 30, 2014 at 4:37 pm

Thank you for sharing your wisdom on such a difficult topic with candor and compassion. Two weeks after the demise of a two-year relationship, I am stumbling upon this page. Amid countless articles repeating the same regurgitated (yet well intended) information, I found your advice- which is simple, yet profound. It hit so close to home I was moved to tears. The way you describe allowing your heart to break, and then heal, is incredibly powerful. When in the throes of sadness and hopelessness, I forget how much control I still have over my own life. I am still (and always will be) driving this bus. I choose how I feel, what I think, my perspective, and my decisions. With this responsibility comes a great freedom I had not considered before. In this moment, I am thinking, “Who will I become next? I now have a whole new future.” instead of “Who will I be without him? The future I dreamed of is over.” I know there will be more tears, and that there is still a lot of self-work to be done, but you just gave me hope. Thank you again for the sharing the gift of your insight with the heartbroken and healing.

Jay Martinez July 5, 2014 at 10:54 pm

This article made me feel better this is great I’m currently going through a break – up and relative passed.
Thanks for this Melissa

Thomas October 8, 2014 at 12:28 pm

Hello Everyone,

Thank You Melissa for this article. Your testimony has been very helpful to me and I felt compelled to share my story.

I too am going through a tough heartbreak. I’m pretty sure I was in denial at first. I had acknowledged the deficiencies of our relationship and admitted that I too was unhappy. I wouldn’t describe our relationship as tumultuous. I believe we did a good job at communicating our issues with one another, things just got in the way. Issues amounted and went undealt, contributing to perpetuating our unhappiness until we found ourselves at a place that negatively affected our communication and intimacy.

I was the sole provider in our relationship. There were a lot of changes that happened with my career and it put me in a bad place emotionally and financially. I hated my job and it became difficult to do the thing that gave me confidence in our relationship and that was providing a comfortable lifestyle that we both enjoyed. This introduced worry and anxiety into my life and presented a lesser quality version of myself to her.

I admitted that I too was unhappy in the relationship and that I needed to focus on ‘keeping the boat afloat’. I also admit that in my dissatisfaction with her and the relationship I distracted myself with other issues. I hid behind other problems occupying myself with the task of addressing the lesser important things in life rather than putting in the hard work toward what mattered the most. At the time, I convinced myself that I didn’t have enough in me to love her with the intensity, quantity and quality that she needed while I was fixing the issues that threatened our way of life. I was an emotionally lazy coward. She said she didn’t care about all that, all she wanted was for me to love her. I felt that my provision was how I expressed love to her and that I needed to fix this so that I can love her. I asked her to be patient with me and to allow me time to fix these things. After many months of dealing with my negativity and her loneliness, she wanted to exit the relationship. I felt that she was making a mistake but I respected her wishes and let her go.

I am the kind of person that can receive revelation and change for the better. Several months later I realized I wanted her back. Although I was unhappy with her because of the deficiencies of our relationship, I realized that I had a part to play, that I too contributed to the reasons why our relationship failed, that I didn’t put in enough hard work. I was hearing her but I wasn’t listening. I was trying to fix my career and financial issues which are important but in doing that I neglected the person that made it all worth it. In my attempt to fix my life, I neglected our love. This was my mistake, I just didn’t see it and when she was trying to communicate that to me I wasn’t listening.

I went back to her and pleaded for another chance but it was too late. Her love for me had faded and she began to love herself and enjoy her independence. I knew that there was no going back or moving forward with her. The mitosis of our relationship was inevitable and there was nothing I could do. It was at that point my heart broke. I happen to be one of those emotionally constipated men but this experience has been so powerful and I just couldn’t keep it together. I cried hard, yelled at myself and cried some more. Melissa is right, you have to let your heartbreak, let it out, realize where you were and where you are. Only then does the healing process start.

I immediately turned to the easiest and most liberating of emotions, my anger. I was definitely angry at myself but when that wasn’t enough I wanted to be angry at her. I told myself it couldn’t have been all on me, she too must have done something, said something that caused us to fail. For a very short time I resented her for just leaving in the first place. I’m a good guy that came upon bad luck. I was trying to fix things and I was finding success, why couldn’t she stay, why couldn’t she be more patient, why could she love me? My anger pacified me for a little while but it wasn’t enough. Anger took up so much of my energy and when I ran out of it, I was left with depression. Now the full brunt of the pain hit and I had no more strength and without the energetic property of anger to propel me forward, repel the pain and keep me in denial, it all caught up to me and I couldn’t run away.

Depression is a dark, dank idle place. I realize that to get out I needed to be real with myself. I realize I love this woman so much and with all my heart. All I’ve ever wanted was her happiness and I know it sounds cliché but I needed to do what I’ve failed to do and that was to put her first. I needed to continue to love her which means respecting her independent pursuit for happiness because she’s realized it’s not with me. Who doesn’t want happiness and if it isn’t found, who am I to blame anyone for moving on in their quest for it?

Today, I am still in love with her, I still want her back. I’m not dwelling or depressed on the reality of the situation, that we’re over, I acknowledge it. I’m happy to have known her and to have had such a great experience to know the love of this good woman. Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. She has taught me that I need to put as much into love as I do in life. That I need to be a better listener, not just a receiver of rationale or a hearer of words but sensitive to emotions and understand which of all takes precedence.

My heart still aches from this self-inflicted wound. I think what frustrates me the most is I blame myself for not being more mature and aware of what the love of my life needed. I loathe this feeling of despair and loneliness, I long for her companionship. I can’t change the past, I can only move forward and let this build me into a better version of me. I feel that healing is a process and with enough positive enforcement and active emotional rehabilitation by loving, forgiving and focusing on myself that I will find peace. Things aren’t bad forever, it’ll get good again. Love will pass by anyone that is stuck in the grip and lost in the darkness of depression. I acknowledge where I am today. I am determined to heal from all this so that my heart can love again.

Jay October 22, 2014 at 2:57 pm

Wonderful blog.

My heart is open raw. I’m searching for something, anything. I have realised that in this painful, lonely place is someone else with a broken heart, there are many of us.

From this prison cell, I see you. I cannot help you, but you will know that from the bottom of my broken heart, I wish you peace. And you may notice that same wish is in you for me to find peace from my broken heart.

That means, within the broken heart is compassion. Compassion I can use for myself in massive doses which will help me glue it back together.

Much love x

kaye December 26, 2014 at 9:55 pm

I was moved by your blog. I thought I can get through this heartbreak without shedding a tear but reading your blog melted all the feelings I am keeping since the day we broke up.
He was my first love,my first everything. Though it is not the first time he broke my heart because during our first year I found out he has someone else and worse the girl was pregnant and I managed to do the right thing and let go of him. Two years had passed while me who left the country recovered and healed as days went by but when I visited home again,our paths have crossed. Magic was still there, have been carried away by his thoughts and even believed it as his family confirmed he was at lost when we broke and that he never had a good ending with the mother of his children so I decided to give it a try and it was a very smooth three years relationship. We even planned our future together,he has been my ALL. But just three weeks ago, I found out that they never seperated and that he still goes home to her. My heart was shattered into pieces realizing I believed and held on to a relationship that has been a lie eversince. It is kills me everyday feeling this heartbreak. But thank you it makes me realize how I can help myself heal on its own.
More power.

Freeme January 25, 2015 at 7:28 pm

As I read everything here it comes clear. I am not alone. I want share my story in hopes, not only to help someone else, but also to help myself get some of this out.

I met this woman ages ago when we were both very young. We were acquaintances then. Years went by. I had a child with a different woman, and she had a child with another man. We both had horrible experiences which we grew from. We began to talk online. Everyday we just sat and talked online. I finally asked her out on a date. It was great. We took it slow, had powerful conversations about our past and how we would never create a dissolving relationship. 6 months in to our relationship everything seemed great…..and surprise we are pregnant. Taking it slow was over. Shortly there after she asked me to move in with her and because I loved her so and I am a good man, I picked up and left my life behind to create a new home. I became a father to her son. I took care of him more then my own daughter who only came on split weekends. It was a hard transition but I pulled through. It started to become awkward. Something was strange about her. I seen sides of her I would have never expected. Very mean and insecure. I took it as her being pregnant. Things got worse and I began to realize that she suffered from mental health issues. Being the type of person I am, I pleaded and tried my best to be strong for our family we were building. She started not trusting me. Constantly going through my phone, emails, facebook. It was never ending. I couldnt buy myself coffee in the morning before work without being called hurtful names. Things i wont repeat on here because there are so inappropriate. Then she started treat my daughter horribly. I stuck it for aslong as i could but I finally had it and told her i was leaving. She broke down and begged me to stay. Promised she would change, go to counselling to get the help she needed. I stayed because I loved her and our children so much. She went to counselling a few times and things seemed to be getting better. She apologized and we made up. Then things got worse then ever. She was still secretly going into my phone and emails…I ended up deleting my facebook account. One day she finally found somthing in my phone she didn’t approve of. She freaked out because a close friend of mine and I were having conversations about what i have been going through and it just so happened that my friend was female. Nothing I said matter. Her insecurities drove her mad. She was treating me like a villain. She convinced herself that I was cheating and threatening to call the police if i wouldnt leave. I had to pick up and leave. It hurt so deep, i wept for days at my sisters house. I was beginning to get over the heatbreak when she came to me wanting me to come home. I was reluctant at first but we decided to approach couples therapy and tackles this together. Again, everything seemed fine. Another year passed, we bought a house together and things seemed good. We had hiccups here and there but we broke though them. Yet again she was still going through my phone behind my back. Convincing herself further that i was a cheater. It became unbelievably toxic. Worse then ever. I was broken and empty. I gave up trying and began to bulldoze her feelings. Then one day she just hit me with “i dont love you the same anymore” It turned me into her. I was going through her things and convincing myself that she now was doing the cheating. It destroyed me. Left feeling ashamed and heartbroken I crawled back to my sister place. I blamed myself over and over again, and she made very easy to do so. She still blames me for everything. That i broke her trust and how I was having an emotional affair. For some strange reason it broke my heart. I quickly came to my senses and realized that it is the best but it still hurts.

I read this article and I have to agree. That everything I have been gone with this woman, all i did in the past as try to push down and hide from my own pain in an attempt to help her with hers. This article has opened my eyes wide. Feel the heartbreak, accept the pain for what it is……an oppunitunity to become a new me….any even better man.

Rose February 2, 2015 at 5:22 pm

This is my first heartbreak. I’m 18, met him when I was 16. I fell in love. I don’t exactly know that to do. I have this aching hole in the center of my chest and I keep waiting for him to come back even though I know deep down that the damage is done and it won’t ever work again. I know I’m young but this hurts extremely bad, your words helped me get intact with actual internal conflicts… Thank you.

B February 28, 2015 at 1:59 am

It’s been almost 2.5 years since I came home to an empty house that ended my 9.5 year marriage and 13.5 year relationship with my wife. Unfortunately my heart is still breaking. I think it’s because I fought the realization that it was all happening. I didn’t and still don’t want to believe that she won’t come back. Even though she’s recently moved in with the guy she left me for… my heart is hanging onto some belief that she’ll return. I must admit that some days it really sucks having a heart that won’t stop loving… thanks for the article. I’ll keep trying to move on…

jesse April 1, 2015 at 7:12 am

Good article!I had been in a relationship for six years and barely got dumped! have seen so many people separate but never knew it could happen to me!Everything reminds me of her!The job that I had made it hard to have enough home time!Maybe that’s what she wanted!I tried giving her everything I could possibly give her but maybe it wasn’t enough!After reading this article I know it’s not the end of the world!Everybody goes through it!You can’t force anybody to stay with you if they don’t want to be with you!I do cry once in a while but now know that with time it’ll relieve pain!

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