Fake Patriotism & the TSA’s X-Ray Scanners

by Melissa Karnaze

Fake patriotism & TSA X-ray scannersAmerican citizens are opting out of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) X-ray scanners that reportedly break child pornography laws.

Many are boycotting air travel altogether, as they’d rather not endure the alternative pat downs, which have been described as molestation.

Before Thanksgiving, American citizens organized a national opt out day.

TSA’s chief urged against people opting out of the scanners, to undergo the more time-consuming pat downs instead. Because it would “tie up people who want to go home and see their loved ones.”

(Many travelers reported that during the holiday, scanners were covered with caution tape and pat downs were less intense.)

According to the TSA, it doesn’t matter if you’re worried about your health, privacy, or constitutional rights — there’s something far more important: the person waiting behind you in line.

Your neighbor’s convenience trumps your patriotic concerns. And your ability to watch your belongings, apparently.

Another opt out day is scheduled for December 23rd.

The makings of fake patriotism

If you’re planning to fly anytime soon, don’t let airport security intimidate you into getting virtually strip searched without your consent. Or without more information about the radiation health risks involved.

Don’t opt for the scanners because you think that it’s making everyone else — your country — a safer and better place.

The “patriotism” surrounding compliance to the TSA — spin.

Anyone can opt out and get a pat down inspection instead. You simply stand your ground and say, “I opt out.”

The scanner is optional, which means:

    • By opting in, you’re not making everyone else safer — because you never were a threat to begin with.
    • By opting out, you’re not putting anyone else in danger — because you never were a threat to begin with.

Fake patriotism leads to lack of logic

Despite its feigned patriotism, the following statement lacks logic:

“Well, I’m going along with these new security measures because it will make me safer on a plane.”

Going through an X-ray scanner will not make you safer on a plane. What will make you safer is that no unsafe passengers are allowed on your plane.

This has nothing to do with you — and your right to opt out of an unusual dosage of radiation that has not been adequately formally researched before being put upon the American public as a primary security measure.

Don’t subject yourself to a scanner because you think you’re serving this country. That’s fake patriotism.

Only go through a scanner if you genuinely want to and are mindful of your choice.

Fake patriotism versus action

You love your country by protecting what it stands for.

Fake patriotism means trusting that the X-rays will keep this country safe — because the government says so.

Actual patriotism means looking into the debate surrounding the issue — because thinking for yourself is the American thing to do.

It’s also American to look beyond what the government and media spin, by paying attention to what two American physicists (link to their study), an Israeli airport security expert, a UK citizen who worked on the scanner, and the Indian Ambassador to the U.S. have to say.

Travel response-ably

You can’t build your life as a mindful construct unless you one side of the story.

If you’re planning to travel by plane this holiday season, look into the issue. Do your research. Don’t blindly follow what people tell you. Sniff out fake patriotism. Make your own decision.

And if you choose to opt out, say it in those words: “I opt out.” TSA is supposed to respond to that technical phrasing.

If you don’t do your research, and protect yourself and your loved ones, you’re just another human battery plugged into the matrix.

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Evan December 10, 2010 at 1:46 pm

I would like to see the figures that justify the claim that scanners vs pat downs make anyone safer.

I’m an Australian and we’re having this same kind of lunacy too.

Melissa Karnaze December 11, 2010 at 4:16 pm

I didn’t realize it was going on in Australia too, thanks for sharing.

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