by Melissa Karnaze

mindful construct logo TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, This past year, I've really enjoyed writing about topics that matter to me.

And I thank you for reading, thinking, and talking about these topics with me and other readers, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL alternatives.

Last year you shared some amazing insights through your comments. This year you amazed me again. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL no prescription, Here are seventeen of my favorite comments from 2010 -- they each speak to the Mindful Construct principle of response ability ...

On helping others help themselves, Mianne:

"I have come to realize that although our solar system is made up of a few planets and we live on one of them, there really are about 6 1/2 billion different worlds on this one planet, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE. …the worlds that represent each and every individuals own perception of it based on the very unique collection of our own experiences [...] The best that one person can do is to maybe help give other people some tools to unshackle themselves from the rigid confines of modern society to carve their own path."

On healthy negativity, Amy:

"I’ve always suspected that negativity has its proper place in this world and that we all need to first acknowledge the negative aspects of life and relating to be able to fully see the problems for what they are and find appropriate solutions for them. Sometimes, low dose TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL, there are none–AND, THAT’S OKAY, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL dose, TOO."

On society's problem with anger, Chris Edgar:

"It’s an odd facade we tend to hold up in our society: that, when we feel anger, but we don’t think we have a 'right' to feel angry, after TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL, we try to pretend that we don’t have the emotion at all. The thing is, Effects of TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL, in my experience, when I’m with someone who’s feeling angry, I just get irritated when they try to distract me from what’s actually going on for them. The anger is so loud that it drowns out their words, no prescription TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online, and they might as well just discuss it with me, 'reason' or no 'reason.'"

On fake happiness, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL class, Haider:

"I find it irritating when people promote the idea that happiness should be experienced, regardless of what’s going on in your life. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, No, emotions (the whole lot of them) are there are a reason, and each plays a necessary role in our lives.

This whole idea that you can (and should) be happy for no apparent reason is not only flawed, but extremely dangerous, what is TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL. It robs us of the true value our emotions can bring to our lives."

On fake happiness, WN:

"In the long run, Online TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL without a prescription, we can’t plaster a smile over every conflict we encounter. It’s dysfunctional, meaning, it ends up causing us pain later, order TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL no prescription, like ordering all-you-can-eat pancakes."

On healthy spirituality, Krishna:

"If spiritual practices do not help us live with grace and kindness in the middle of everything that’s happening in this world and influence those around us towards a more positive mindset, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL canada, mexico, india, they are worthless."

On the contradiction of mainstream mindfulness, Cole Bitting:

"We can’t not-judge. If we inhibit emotions, we are being emotional about our emotions."

On accepting the importance of ego, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL brand name, Laurie Corzett:

"I feel the ego is an organizing principle to help us develop and maintain focus, to live purposefully. The denigration of the ego as illusion or self-aggrandizement is often a barrier to appropriate understanding of the ego’s usefulness, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL forum, You have a goal; ego lets there be an organizing “you” to attain it.

There is no need to rise anywhere. The Oneness is. The separations are, canada, mexico, india. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, They are human distinctions about a whole system. We each get to be our discrete stories weaving through the greater work of art, to impart drama, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL no rx, comedy, appreciation, even compassion. The point is to experience, discount TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL. In some senses, that is the embodiment of the love of which you speak."

On sparing the ego, My TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL experience, Lionel Mandrake:

I have always felt that the ego can never be successfully eradicated nor would we ever want it to be. It is an essential part of our personhood and individuality. Severing it would be akin to lobotomizing the spark of our humanity.

On practical meditation, D-san:

"Civilization itself is what I try to be mindful of, meaning that much of my meditation is less contemplative and more reactive; I feel more aware and conscious of my power to help others when I am thrust into their midst, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE. The monasteries need to be smack dab in the middle of all that we love and strive for."

On living life, WN:

"When suffering crops up, where can i buy cheapest TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online, there is not going to be some tactic that you learned at a weekend workshop on the mountain that’s gonna make everything okay. You’re going to have to act in the present moment with skills you don’t currently have and make it work. Is TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL safe, Just like everyone else."

On accepting the pain that comes with living, Pat

"I have thought in the past that I would love to go back to teen years and do it all differently. That ends of taking in part of my early adulthood. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, Then I realize if I hadn’t been through that pain, and this pain and that dissapointment I would not be who I am nor with the person I married. I negate everything that means something to me, cheap TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL.

A couple pieces of advice have heeded me well.
A smile doesn’t cost you anything and can take you a long way. Comprar en línea TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL, comprar TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL baratos, To grieve is human, to suffer is a choice."

On mindful living, Max Peto:

"In summary, it seems to me that mindful exploration of the activities of existence, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL blogs, and full, long-term consideration of the implications of engaging in them, Online buying TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL hcl, is required to optimize one’s lifetime happiness."

On understanding good through bad, Cory Chu-Keenan:

"I think the deeper you delve into the bad the richer the good moments become. The deeper the truth goes, the uglier (like Morpheus’ rabbit hole), TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE. But once you know the ugly truth, or get as close to it as you can bear, buy cheap TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL, more possibilities open up for evolving to a higher state."

On the logic of emotions, WN:

"If you get angry over petty things, then there’s something illogical about your philosophy that needs to be examined. But, doesn’t this just shore up the argument that Emotions Are Logical. Your emotions can tell you what is rational and what is irrational about your appraisals. We cannot start out with a perfectly logical emotional mechanism from the gate. We need to listen to the signals to figure out what makes sense and what doesn’t with the goal of someday hopefully living with a perfect as possible emotional life that mirrors with consistency our philosophy."

On the honesty of emotional reactions TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, , David Sinei:

"What you mean is emotions tell us what we REALLY think and not what we think we think . So, if we are having an emotion we don’t particularly like instead of dismissing it we should let it guide us to the real problem which is most likely a thought/perception/assumption and root it out."

On trusting in emotions, Caroline:

"My emotions have always been my guide to understanding myself.I follow the leads they give me on my true motivations.I trust them deeply and have relied on the wisdom of my emotions to guide me through difficult situations in my life. I strive to work with them rather than control or eradicate them. My life is richer and more meaningful for having emotion .Good or bad, happy or sad, it all adds to the richness of life."

Thanks for reading

Thank you all for taking the time to comment and share a part of yourselves.

I've learned so much from reading your comments.

And I'm looking forward to another year of great discussion to come.


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Cory December 21, 2010 at 9:22 am

Have a Happy New Year, Melissa!!!

This blog still has the best content in regards to Emotional Intelligence and Living Mindfully. We’re all better for your hard work, research, and loving care you put into your passion.

All the AWESOMEST for 2011!!!

Melissa Karnaze December 21, 2010 at 10:51 am

Thanks Cory, and thanks for your passionate comments and guest articles this year!

Happy New Year to you too!!!

David Sinei December 22, 2010 at 4:02 am

Thank you very much Melissa. For doing nothing less than introducing me to myself.

Happy holidays.

Haider December 22, 2010 at 5:31 am

Thank YOU for having such a great blog! :D

Melissa Karnaze December 22, 2010 at 1:27 pm

David, it’s my pleasure. :) Happy Holidays to you too!

Thanks Haider, and thank you for all of your contributions to the discussions this year! :D

Kelley Mitchell December 23, 2010 at 1:03 pm

These were wonderful. Thank you Melissa!

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