by Melissa Karnaze

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Cory January 3, 2011 at 9:29 am

Oh that sounds great, Melissa! Can’t wait to hear the interview! :)

Cory January 7, 2011 at 9:21 am

Very cool to hear you on another format! Blog talk radio–Great possibilities there.

I especially agree with you that addiction may be the very force that leads us inevitably to allowing technology to rule us. In many ways we’re already ruled by technology. In its most destructive form, technology serves as an addictive distraction from real-life social problems. I notice more and more time is invested on “tech talk” on NPR and other news sources we rely on to give us accurate portrayals of our world. Apple products are practically becoming synonymous with celebrities.

When iPods first came out, I remember stepping onto the MUNI, (SF public transportation) and seeing those white cords dangling from every other person’s ears, and it shocked me! We were slowly transitioning into actual pods (I pod)!

I think it’s incredible that technology has become totally invisible to us. It’s unheard of to step into anybody’s home and fail to find a massive television set. In fact, the only way we ever actually notice TV is if it isn’t there!

Found this quote recently that rang true:

“That, of course, was the thing about the fifties with all their patina of familial bliss: A lot of the memories were not happy, not mine, not my friends’. That’s probably why the myth so endures, because of the dissonance in our lives between what actually went on at home and what went on up there on those TV screens where we were allegedly seeing ourselves reflected back.” -Anne Taylor Fleming, Motherhood Deferred

TV was only invented and widely used post-WWII coinciding with American affluence. No wonder we have such an affinity for the box: it’s a trophy symbol of our global dominance. It’s proof that we’re the best. Anything we see on TV is just further evidence of our “exceptionalism.”

And now TV has morphed into iPhones and other tablets. Soon we won’t be able to sit down at a table or go to the bathroom without receiving some sort of signal from these tablets. The Kinect from X-Box has allowed experienced hackers to create Minority Report-like floating virtual tablets.

It’s all pretty nuts to say the least. I guess the one thing I have a hard time accepting is that AI will become self-aware and exhibit free-will/sentience. But then again, our own consciousness still remains a mystery, so I suppose there’s no way to predict.

What I can imagine is people trying to achieve immortality through stem-cell and cybernetics and trying to become gods that rule for eternity. I think the Wachowski Brothers need to make that movie. These “gods” will build a giant obelisk at Ground Zero as their fortress, put a gigantic all-seeing eye at the top of it, and turn all of Manhattan into a massive pyramid. Freedom fighters band together to infiltrate the system. Hilarity ensues. You know you’d watch that!

Anyway, really enjoyed hearing your voice on the show.

Keep up the good work, Melissa!

Melissa Karnaze January 9, 2011 at 4:15 pm

Cory, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the show!

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