by Melissa Karnaze

PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, Many people have good intentions when they take up personal development.

Get healthy. Stop arguing so much with the spouse. Be more positive, after PHENTERMINE. Follow passion.

But most people give up on personal development too soon, because:

  • They started for the wrong reasons,
  • They picked the wrong course of action,
  • They avoid experiencing their negative emotions,
  • They lacked true support, or
  • More than one of the above

1, PHENTERMINE FOR SALE. Starting for the wrong reasons

Too often people pursue personal development for a quick fix rather than the hard work of actually fixing their problems in the long-term. Cheap PHENTERMINE no rx, In those situations, personal development can actually harm you.

Here are some examples of quick fixes contrasted with long-term goals:

  • Losing ten pounds is a quick fix. Improving nutrition, PHENTERMINE price, exercising regularly, and accepting your own body are long-term goals.

  • Being more relaxed is a quick fix. PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, Improving your relationships, being able to work through conflict more quickly, learning how to manage stress, and accepting yourself just exactly as you are -- they're all long-term goals.

  • Finding a romantic partner is a quick fix. PHENTERMINE schedule, Having a solid relationship with yourself so that you'll be emotionally mature enough for romantic intimacy, figuring out what you need for a relationship to work, accepting yourself even if you are single, and finding ways to be happy by just being you.., online PHENTERMINE without a prescription. are long-term goals.

Quick fixes mask your awareness of deeper problems -- problems that usually center around not loving or accepting yourself.

Get into personal development for the right reasons, PHENTERMINE class, not the superficial ones.

Get into personal development for those long terms goals.

You may not be clear on those goals in the beginning, and that's okay, PHENTERMINE FOR SALE.

Just work toward getting more mindful of them. It's an ongoing process, PHENTERMINE steet value.

2. Picking the wrong course of action

Most of the time, PHENTERMINE blogs, people pick the wrong course of action because they lack clear goals in the beginning. PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, Dieting is not the same as eating healthy, for instance. It may in fact be the opposite. It's also not the same as being happier with your body. It's probably perpetuating disapproval, what is PHENTERMINE.

There are so many opportunities to pick the wrong course of action, because the personal development field is saturated with superficial advice, Rx free PHENTERMINE, like:

If it sounds too easy or too good to be true, listen to your gut.

If love or bliss or happiness or success or goodness are overly simplified, made abstract, or ill-defined -- that's marketing doing it's subliminal magic, PHENTERMINE FOR SALE. PHENTERMINE dosage, Don't fall for it. It will just mystify your problems further. And keep you in the dark.

And if you ever come across a guru, PHENTERMINE used for, be very careful. PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, Personal development is not about following someone else. It's about taking response ability for your life. PHENTERMINE samples,

3. Avoiding negative emotions

Growth isn't easy. It's painful. Sometimes dark, PHENTERMINE FOR SALE. Rough, buy cheap PHENTERMINE no rx. Unpredictable. Uncertain. PHENTERMINE dangers, If you embark on personal development, there will be challenges -- if you expect to make any lasting changes in your life. PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, For many people, it's much easier to cling to a dysfunctional belief system that serves as an emotional crutch. Like meditating to avoid having to experience negative emotions. Or believing that karma makes everything in the world okay, PHENTERMINE trusted pharmacy reviews, of divine order, to avoid getting upset with the problems of the world. No prescription PHENTERMINE online, Or thinking that men are from Mars and women are from Venus to avoid having to actually face the opposite sex and work out relationship issues.

An emotional crutch is something that continually gives you an excuse or a reason to avoid experiencing your true (negative) emotions. It ultimately keeps you stuck in dysfunctional habits that prevent you from truly knowing yourself (a big part of which, is learning from your emotions) and actually being mindful of what's going on in your life, PHENTERMINE FOR SALE.

People who cling to an emotional crutch aren't really ready to change. Denial is a natural defense for an individual who's not yet ready to risk a new way of living, fast shipping PHENTERMINE. To make the conscious choice to change.

4. Lacking true support

PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, And sometimes, people are ready to risk a new way of living. Buy PHENTERMINE from canada, But they don't have enough of a support system in place to ensure their safety as they experiment with new ways of relating.

Ideally, an individual can provide their own support system -- have confidence no matter what happens, not care about what others think, purchase PHENTERMINE online, set boundaries even if it pisses other people off, etc. PHENTERMINE online cod, But it took years of life experience for that individual to develop an unhealthy pattern.

Realistically, they're going to need some real-life practice relating to others in healthy ways -- that goes beyond just the reading, seminars, buying PHENTERMINE online over the counter, sessions, and positive intentions.

Personal development doesn't happen in a vacuum, PHENTERMINE FOR SALE. PHENTERMINE brand name, We support each other in risking new and healthier behaviors.

It's easy to give up on personal development when you lack social support. So share your goals with at least one person you trust. Or at least start practicing new skills in a social setting, PHENTERMINE wiki. PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, If you can maintain your new skills out there in the world, then you'll have a much better chance at succeeding at those long-term goals.

Don't give up on personal development

Personal development isn't a program. It's a decision. A commitment to making smarter and more mindful choices in life.

If you want to make continual, meaningful, lasting growth and development a natural part of your life, focus on four things:

  1. Start for the right reasons. For any reason to be right, it must come from a place of self-compassion, not judgment or dissatisfaction.
  2. Choose a course of action that involves real work and acknowledges potential challenges (because growth comes with a price).
  3. Be willing to acknowledge your own dysfunctional beliefs that keep you from experiencing pain and other negative emotions -- integrating those aspects of yourself is necessary to the healing process.
  4. Set up robust support systems, PHENTERMINE FOR SALE. It could include daily journaling or blogging, or keeping in touch with a friend. If you want accountability, you have to be willing to try out new behaviors in social situations.

Most importantly, persevere.

Personal development is a lifelong journey. There's continual room to grow and improve your life. PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, And your life is always changing.

Don't ever give up on yourself.

How do you persevere?

Feel free to share your experiences below.

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Cory March 11, 2011 at 11:50 am

This is a beautiful post, Melissa.

The journey does not end. It keeps going. We’re all looking for a finish line, but in actuality, the only finality we will ever find in life, is death.

Since it all comes down to the realization of ourselves as mortal beings, ultimately, what we all search for is faith.

There are too many mysteries in this world. These blanks are filled in with our imaginations, emotions, intuitions, and other intangible, ineffable dark matter.

I believe that growth, like love, is eternal, even after death.

As for the blink of an eye that we are here on Earth as humans, it’s all live and learn. We go down the wrong path sometimes, and if we’re lucky, we figure out it’s wrong and we make corrections. But we wouldn’t know it was wrong if we didn’t take it in the first place.

You’ve gotta have faith in yourself (and your emotional compass) that your journey is right, even when it’s wrong. Personal development is hard like that. But it’s worth it no matter what. And it’s better than doing nothing.

Melissa Karnaze March 11, 2011 at 5:40 pm

Thanks for the beautiful comment Cory!

You’ve gotta have faith in yourself (and your emotional compass) that your journey is right, even when it’s wrong.

So definitely. This is the heart of self-compassion. It’s amazing how realizing your own mortality shifts the way you view and live your life. Personal development can really accelerate that shift.

Sandra Hendricks March 11, 2011 at 10:11 pm

This is a great post Melissa, as many people do indeed stop short with self-help. I agree that there are few short cuts and that self-improvement is a life-long commitment. Learning and growing in love and life is an ongoing process.

I have noticed that many people who begin utilizing good tools and ideas in self-help get feeling better. At this point, they become satisfied and stop working. It is as if they just needed a little relief, and they felt so much better, and that it was good enough. It can be quite damaging when someone does this too. They believe the course of action didn’t work because the good feeling stopped. At this point, problems return along with the doubtful emotions their negative thinking enhances.

Armen Shirvanian March 12, 2011 at 11:40 am

Hi Mellisa.

You have certainly provided many reasons as to why people don’t commit to an improvement path. The support one is a big one. I exercise easily by myself and with others because I know folks who are fit and enjoy basketball and such. If all my friends were out of shape, and I was not near any hiking trails, and so on, it would be more of a struggle to maintain good fitness. I started a workout program recently almost completely due to a friend.

The point about avoiding negative emotions is also very key. Most people won’t say when they are avoiding negative emotions, but the person who eats to avoid depression was depressed right before they ate the food(each time). Very few people show their real problems to the world openly, but those that do are able to correct them way sooner. The tough process comes with a great reward for the few who are not scared about small consequences like looking stupid or appearing unprepared or confused.

Armen Shirvanian March 12, 2011 at 11:40 am

By the way I wasn’t thinking and typed Mellisa instead of Melissa on the last comment. I knew it was Melissa but was thinking about my comment as I typed that.

Melissa Karnaze March 13, 2011 at 10:18 am

I think that’s a good point, Sandra. When self-help is meant to provide immediate relief, it’s easy to ignore the deeper causes, that will return if not addressed. It’s important to regard growth as a process, not an end.

Armen, social support is definitely important for fitness. I did an intensive regimen for four years in college track, and training with teammates makes it much easier, and can also push you to train harder!

Very few people show their real problems to the world openly, but those that do are able to correct them way sooner.

Yes, this is a misconception, that showing your problems is a weakness. When it’s really a strength to be able to address them.

Pat March 13, 2011 at 12:18 pm

What a beautiful post, Melissa! Many times I hear, I should do this BUT…. I usually say when you are ready then the time is right to begin. If you have a ‘but’ in your reasoning there is judgment and you are not ready. Walking through negative emotions can be scary without compassion to look more closely at why they came up in the first place. It is painful but when you come out on the other side with understanding, gratitude and growth and look back you are much stronger to deal with life’s ever unfolding challenges. When we make a space in our lives through compassion for self and faith in possibilities then love unfolds.

Melissa Karnaze March 13, 2011 at 4:04 pm

Thanks Pat! I agree, “but” thinking is a sign of resistance. Maybe it’s legitimate in that the “should” might not really be helpful. Or maybe the person would benefit from that “should.” Either way, it’s more helpful to accept yourself for whatever you decide to do.

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