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by Melissa Karnaze

Emotions are part of who we are as humans; there’s no way around that.

For ages, philosophers and scholars have relegated emotions to pests, antagonists to “reason.”

Only recently have psychologists started to empirically answer our questions about what emotions are, how they are formed, and how we can respond to them in healthy and positive ways.

However, reading the scientific literature alone won’t give you enough momentum to actually start working with all of your emotions.

The main reason for this is that science is about answering (and asking) questions. Much of the time, one answer is really just five more questions in disguise (as frustrating as that is, it’s the beauty of scientific inquiry). “Discovering” a fact doesn’t automatically equate to action; a fact or theory is unless you can use it to make better predictions in life — to improve your life.

Mindful Emotions is an online training that’s rooted in my academic training in cognitive science and psychology. It also takes off from all of the articles here at Mindful Construct, the e-class (Your Life is Your Construct), and other free resources I’ve offered over the years.

It’s built upon the solid foundation of psychological research and the philosophy of science, but we don’t stop there, because application is what’s key…

Visit the site to learn more about Mindful Emotions and sign up today. [Mindful Emotions closed to enrollment on Nov. 22, 2011.]