Happy Holidays from Mindful Construct

by Melissa Karnaze

If you’d like to become more mindful of your holiday-related constructs this winter, Mindful Construct offers stimulating articles on…

If you’re thinking of opting out of the typical holiday consumerist mindset, check out how Leo Babauta has deconstructed the impulse to gift-give as a “sign of love.”

If you’re stuck — or rather — you’ve chosen to spend your time with relatives or in-laws this holiday season, you can check out these articles on…

And if you’re looking forward to more time to yourself, remember that…

To learn more about how to take care of yourself, be more mindful of your constructs, and recognize that happiness comes from within you, check out the free e-class: Your Life is Your Construct.

Happy Holidays from Mindful Construct and I hope you have a safe holiday season!

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Cory Chu-Keenan May 19, 2012 at 3:48 pm

Hi Melissa,

Just wanted to thank you for all that you give here on Mindful Construct. The web is a battle between constructive self-help that truly works in the long run, and dysfunctional self-help that feels good in the immediate but slowly destroys sense of self, spirit & mind morphing you into someone, or something, you never intended to become.

Everyone is on a journey. Some people are riding predictable grooves that will lead to predictable outcomes. Some of these grooves are healthy, some are not.

More courageous folks stay away from grooves altogether, jump over them, or use them as slides for fun–but they choose a harder path. They choose to create their own grooves. These are the pioneers.

Mindful Construct has been trailblazing the self-help sphere all along, and for this I will always feel in debt to your presentation of information here.

Thank you, Melissa

Melissa Karnaze May 28, 2012 at 10:20 am

Cory, thanks so much for your kind words. And thank you for all your comments over the years, the earlier feedback especially let me know there *are* ears for no-easy-fix self-help.

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