“I love your website. It is beautiful, clear, informative, true, and nourishing. Blessings”
— Barbra

“This is the most valuable information I have found, in terms of emotions.
Thank you for the wonderful insights”
— Eva

“Thank you.
While I have always been introspective, your articles urge me to make
it more deliberate.”
— David S.

“Melissa you are the only person I’ve ever known to say it’s ok to have emotions and that it’s ok to have negative emotions, so thank you. And thank you for giving us healthy ways to deal with our negative emotions.
I am captivated by the idea that emotions are linked to us physically and are part of our survival makeup. I will have to pay closer attention to these cues to help me with my response ability. I’ve learned so much from you!”
— Kelley M.

“I came across your site today via a link from a comment on Lifehacker.
I just wanted to say this site has great resonance, immense signal, no noise. I am very VERY picky about what gets invited to my inbox, but I am looking forward to seeing your updates along side my ‘Just For Today’.”
— Jaxun

“I love your attitude. Not the fairytale blossoming lotus talk, but a straightforward no nonsense fighting for the just cause, leaving the ignorant [to] ignore, critisize and frantically attack.”
— janwillem v.

“You’re so smart Melissa. And you make your philosophy so down-to-earth and practical.
— Steven

“Hello Melissa
Your post on ranting over at Productive Geek really resonated with me.
I can’t wait to set up a private blog and start. I have a strong conviction this will clear my writers block (more like total paralysis) that has prevented me writing for the last couple of years.
That post was the best advice I ever came across. Thanks so much”
— Shirls

“I totally think you’re asking the right questions on this site, and I agree that emotions are the missing link to a brighter future. Lord knows that your ideas have helped me through some very tough times in my life–the toughest. By staying emotionally resilient, I’ve been able to take what could have been a catastrophe, and turn it into the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
— Cory

“Mindful Construct is the skeptic’s path. It’s about taking established constructs and deconstructing them and forcing the reader to make up their own damn mind.
Be responsible for self, not captive to cultural relativism.
Realize you can do more working on yourself, on your own, solving problems, than you can following a following.”
— WN

“Some people are never going to understand human constructs. But I’m glad I found this blog and see that there are others who question things when constructs move in and begin advancing an agenda outside of the conscious awareness of the majority. Not being the only one to see it makes human existence feel a little less ridiculous.”
— Anon

“I’ve been surfing around your website and finding it very
valuable–just what I need to read right now.
I’m a person who is very good at understanding everyone else–but
sometimes I lose myself and my own boundaries in the process. This
site has given me very much to think about and to learn from.
Thanks so much,”

“I want to say that the direction of your writing is fantastic. I don’t remember how I landed here a few weeks ago, but your writing got me thinking, which got me reading john sarno’s books, which cured me of a massively debilitating psychosomatic condition I’ve had for the past 9 years.
On the surface level now that I’m not ignoring my emotions, etc… I don’t have CFS, Fibromyalgia, IBS, etc… which is great, but much more importantly, I now actually feel my negative emotions (and oh boy are there a lot :) ), which give clarification of my values and goals and which give me a fuel I thought was reserved for the superhuman or crazy.

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