Mindful Construct on the Singularity

abstract flower explosion The Singularity The technological Singularity is a proposed point in the future where technological progress accelerates too fast for the humans (at least in their current state) to keep up with, let alone comprehend. In this proposed future, artificial intelligence (AI) will emerge its own consciousness and abilities to replicate, self-enhance, evolve, and so forth. The human race will be hurdled into astounding species-altering predicaments where what it means to be "human" will be greatly challenged -- as technology will have profound implications on daily life and experience. In other words, people will naturally gravitate toward increasing degrees of cyborgization, due to the many perceived benefits of merging with technology. If you're wondering how the heck that will look -- we're already increasingly plugged into hive minds on the Internet, via services like Twitter. And for many people, smart phones act as their third hand. Why the Singularity's important to Mindful Construct Talking about the Singularity is really important here for four main reasons: 1. Being more mindful of what makes us human
    A major component of the Singularity is the birth of self-aware AI races, many of which may very well be humanoid. These AI, which are already being developed by scientists, provide a unique perspective from which to view ourselves and further understand what makes us human.
    And we need to understand our humanity in order to choose mindful constructs.
2. Being more mindful of our human constructs
    Studying AI will allow us to take a deeper look into a big part of our "human" heritage: our emotions. By nudging us to take a more objective look at emotions and essentially deconstruct them. It's by deconstructing them that we can see them clearly.
    We see them without all the human baggage that's attached to emotion, including the constructs: "emotions are irrational," "emotions antagonize logic," "emotions are dangerous," "emotions are weak," etc.
3. Being more mindful of response ability
    The technological Singularity is a great metaphor for the other singularity that Mindful Construct promotes -- the symbiosis of emotion and mindful logic, which ultimately fuels greater response ability to life.
4. Being more mindful of dysfunctional beliefs about being human
    "Singularitarian" is a loose term referring to someone who sees the Singularity as inevitable and who actively does what they can now to make the Singularity the most benevolent it can be. In studying various Singularitarian perspectives, we can find many good-sounding suggestions for the future are actually grounded in dysfunctional beliefs about being, merely human.
    These beliefs are not only unhealthy to mental-emotional health -- but may drastically impact the Singularity in unfavorable ways.*
    Basically, technology won't let us escape or bypass what are fundamentally human struggles. Post-singularity, we'll still have problems. They'll just be far more complicated by technology.
The Singularity on Mindful Construct Below you will find Mindful Construct articles that refer to the Singularity, and focus on one or more of the four points listed above:
  • The Robot Guide to Emotion
  • Speculations on what emotion would look like in a robot provides insight into how humans can be more mindful of their emotional nature.
  • h+ Magazine Talks About Mindful Constructs
  • An interview from the Singularitarian magazine, h+, sheds light on the constructive nature of human reality. And really, any physical reality as it's experienced through a brain-body interface.
  • Singularity Is Not So Scary
  • There is a lot of well-founded criticism of Singularitarian, who want to bring powerful AI into the human world. However, in my opinion, much of this fear is based on a miscalculation of what will become of AI. From my perspective, when AI are amongst us, they will eventually grapple with the same problems we grapple with: of being emotional, and having all the weaknesses, shortcomings, and vulnerabilities that come with that. This is because it will be in AI's best interests to develop systems to assign meaning to information. And emotion is simply thought plus meaning, which for humans, is biologically expressed as feeling.
Web resources on the Singularity Subscribe to Mindful Construct to learn more how Singularity topics converge with constructs, mindfulness, and response ability. *Basically, when we bring self-aware AI into the world, it's going to be huge. How and why we create them will be crucial in how and why they behave in certain ways -- which may or may not include a negative outcome for humanity's survival as a species.