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MTV’s reality shows “Jersey Shore” and “16 and Pregnant” are only the beginnings of a television tidal wave of explicitly sexual content that is invading the hearts and minds of America’s youth.

While the word “invasion” captures the ubiquity of sex in the media, PERIACTIN wiki, Order PERIACTIN from United States pharmacy, it actually does a disservice to the youth.

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Regretful man PROPECIA FOR SALE, Self-criticism is rarely constructive.

It's based on the belief that you're not good enough.

Nowhere inherent in that belief is a concrete definition or metric of "good," let alone "enough."

Any self-criticism based on your not being good enough is actually counter-productive to cultivating healthy relationships, PROPECIA without a prescription, because it:

  1. Gives you an excuse to avoid dealing with conflicts
  2. Distracts you from your relationship goals
  3. Locks you into (unproductive) abstract thinking
  4. Downplays the importance of learning from mistakes
  5. Makes you emotionally unavailable
  6. Encourages you to be critical of others in the same ways in which you are critical of yourself

1. An excuse to avoid dealing with conflicts

"I'm not good enough" is actually a cop-out. Buy PROPECIA online no prescription, The statement allows you to evade any immediate conflict, and especially any relationship problem.

Instead of focusing on the conflict or problem at hand, you can simply say, "Well, I'm not good enough, PROPECIA FOR SALE. I'm sorry."

The other person takes that as: You don't care enough about them to figure something out -- instead of giving up.

Imagine if someone hurt you, where can i order PROPECIA without prescription, and instead of apologizing they said, "I'm so ashamed."

Would that make you feel validated, PROPECIA pics, or shut out.

Instead of going on about how ashamed you are for "not being good enough" -- reframe "good enough" to: committed to working toward resolution with the other person, because they matter to you.

2, where can i buy PROPECIA online. A distraction from the actual relationship

PROPECIA FOR SALE, Let's look more closely at the statement, "I'm not good enough."

It's natural to get hung up on this conclusion -- rather than the original relationship problem that spurred to you self-criticize.

And you might think that ruminating on your faults will condition you not to repeat them.

But rumination merely shifts your attention to your faults -- without necessarily circling back to your relationship with another person. Buy PROPECIA without prescription, Relationships aren't all about you, and your faults.

3. Unproductive abstract thinking

"Good enough" is a loose construct that doesn't help you take response ability for your actions, PROPECIA FOR SALE.

What you need are tighter constructs, where can i find PROPECIA online, ones more easily defined, more de-constructed. Herbal PROPECIA, Being "good enough" might mean:

In each of these cases, "good enough" is defined by an action:

  • Listening
  • Venting in private (or with permission if in the company of another)
  • Agreeing to disagree
  • Talking about how you feel

You can get clearer on what each action entails if you just reflect on your goals.

Clarity doesn't come from abstract thinking, about notions of "good, where can i buy cheapest PROPECIA online," "right," or even "healthy" (if it's not de-constructed in its definition). What is PROPECIA, Clarity comes from staying grounded in your emotional experience, and attending to your needs, and focusing on building your life as your mindful construct.

PROPECIA FOR SALE, 4. Downplaying the importance of learning from mistakes

When you choose goals and resolutions that reflect your values -- rather than conform to the social ideals of notions such as "responsibility" -- something beautiful happens, order PROPECIA from mexican pharmacy.

The language of "good enough" disappears. Because there is no need to self-criticize when you mess up. PROPECIA for sale, Instead, each mistake is a stepping stone to more fully flesh out why you have the goal, why you have resistance, and how you can work through that resistance, PROPECIA canada, mexico, india.

The language of "good enough" implies that you are being judged on your performance -- that you have to meet expectations for approval (from yourself), PROPECIA FOR SALE.

The language of "I made a mistake," "I'll learn from this, Is PROPECIA addictive, " "I can figure out a solution," "I won't give up on my goal," "Even though I'm embarrassed, my priority is this relationship" implies that you are being mindful of your actions so that you can increasingly be response able for them, PROPECIA steet value.

So that you can increasingly work toward your goals -- not to gain approval, but because that's what you want. PROPECIA from canadian pharmacy, There's a huge difference between evaluating your actions (read: not you) based on what you want, and evaluating you (read: not your actions) based on what you "should" be and do.

5. Emotional unavailability

PROPECIA FOR SALE, Self-criticism also cuts you off from loved ones. (You just don't pay attention enough when it happens.)

To illustrate, online buying PROPECIA hcl, here's Philadelphia Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee recalling when he visited pitcher Cole Hamels at the mound during a game in 2009:

“If I came out to the mound and ranted and raved and called you all kinds of names, would that do you any good?” Dubee asked. PROPECIA pictures, “No,” Hamels responded.

“Then why do you do it to yourself,” Dubee shot back, generic PROPECIA. “You’re out here chewing out yourself and crushing yourself, and now you’re so mad that you’re not able to compete against the opposition.”

Dubee's advice goes for all of us.

Anytime you chew yourself out and crush yourself (which is what most self-criticism takes the form of), you're so mad at yourself that you're not able to:

  • Compete against the opposition
  • Overcome an obstacle
  • Fix a problem in a relationship
  • Learn from a mistake to avoid repeating it
  • Make amends for giving someone cause for hurt feelings
  • Work with another person to keep your relationship healthy

Chewing yourself out and crushing yourself usually alienates you from the mindset that's required to persevere despite any disappointment you have with yourself, PROPECIA FOR SALE. Buy generic PROPECIA, Very rarely does it fuel you to succeed, in the long-term -- without incurring negative unintended consequences (which undermine your success).

6. Judgments all around

And finally, buy PROPECIA without a prescription, self-criticism puts you in a mindset to judge -- people for their actions.

No doubt we all need to judge to keep our bearings in this world.

But if you chew yourself out or crush yourself -- even subconsciously -- you'll do it to someone else PROPECIA FOR SALE, . Purchase PROPECIA for sale, In fact, you'll jump at the opportunity to do it to someone else (even if subconsciously), because it will distract you from having to look your own undesirable traits.

Welcome to human nature, PROPECIA maximum dosage. How you treat yourself constrains how you can treat others. How you acknowledge and respond to your own feelings shapes your empathy.

If you can't own up to your true feelings or mistakes, then you can expect to have difficulty accepting others for their true feelings or mistakes, PROPECIA FOR SALE. Cheap PROPECIA no rx, That sets up tensions, resentments, and other barriers to emotional honesty and joint conflict resolution. Which means, buy PROPECIA from mexico, your relationships suffer.

Stop being so critical of yourself

Even if you understand these six ways that self-criticism hurts your relationships, it's not like you can just "stop" being so critical of yourself -- or maybe you can.

Maybe all it takes is awareness in each moment that you are self-critical, and the commitment to experiencing your emotions. PROPECIA FOR SALE, After all, once the emotions pass, you'll have more direct experience with how chewing yourself out and crushing yourself accomplishes two things:

  1. Chewing yourself out and crushing yourself
  2. Hurting your relationships in at least one of six crucial ways

Learn from the mistake of self-criticism, and you'll be more effective in your relationships, and more understanding when someone else in a relationship is being to hard on their self.

(It will do wonders for your relationships.)

What do you think.

How has self-criticism hurt your relationships.

How can we learn from it to make our relationships better.

Share your thoughts below.

Want to learn more about how to transform self-criticism into response ability? Check out the free 10-part e-class, Your Life is Your Construct, which gives you practical tips on how to work with and learn from your negative emotions.


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MEVACOR FOR SALE, People assume that being nice goes along with being happy and having healthy relationships.

But "nice" has come to be associated with dysfunctional people-pleasing.

Pleasing others (often at the expense of yourself) as your top priority is the opposite of being nice. MEVACOR duration, Firstly, it's mean to you.

Secondly, it can interfere with your happiness and ability to maintain healthy relationships by:

  • Hiding your true thoughts and feelings (so only the "nice" ones show)
  • Causing you to to dissociate from your true thoughts and feelings, MEVACOR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, such that you can't be "present" in any of your relationships
  • Promoting the unhealthy suppression of negative emotion
  • Setting you up to get hurt, used, Online MEVACOR without a prescription, violated, and discarded
  • Tempting you to unconsciously manipulate others by "being nice" to get your needs met
  • Potentially backfiring on those you're being "nice" to (or rather, those you're trying to please) -- through (passive) aggression
  • Eroding honesty, which isn't good for any relationship
  • Blocking emotional intimacy, MEVACOR price, which can thwart a potentially healthy relationship

Here's an open-ended story to illustrate how being nice can hurt your relationships. It's about two women, Janice and Lovette, who work at the same office, MEVACOR FOR SALE.

Meet Janice

Janice is usually cheerful at work. Online buying MEVACOR, She tells people what she thinks they "might like to" or "need to" hear. She says yes to nearly all requests (because she has a hard time saying no) and her colleagues take her helpfulness for granted. As such, she often stays late at the office, buy cheap MEVACOR, and doesn't get home until after dinner. MEVACOR FOR SALE, Her husband is excited to see her in the evenings during the week, but they rarely get to spend uninterrupted quality time together.

When at home, Comprar en línea MEVACOR, comprar MEVACOR baratos, Janice often answers her cell and responds to emails promptly. She likes to let people know that she's "always there for them." And she makes it her job to lend an ear when a friend, family member, or colleague is having a rough day, effects of MEVACOR. Sometimes people vent to her without first asking if it'd be alright, but Janice doesn't mind -- she just listens with a smile and nodding head. MEVACOR from mexico, Janice's husband adores her, even though he can get irritated when she's constantly running off to attend to someone else. At least when she's around though, she's pleasant, MEVACOR FOR SALE. That's because Janice doesn't whine, complain, MEVACOR no prescription, or really talk to her husband about problems. Instead, Real brand MEVACOR online, she either glosses over them, or keeps them to herself. After all, she tells herself, MEVACOR over the counter, that's the nice thing to do.

One day, MEVACOR images, a young man named Mark is hired at work. MEVACOR FOR SALE, He's good-looking and charming. He also hits on all the ladies. Even though he knows that Janice is married, he asks her out to dinner within his first week, MEVACOR coupon. "It's just to get to know you better," he insists, MEVACOR cost, "not an official date." And, "we could even discuss business," as he still feels "a bit out of place in the new position and could definitely use some encouragement and advice."

What will happen? Will Janice recognize Mark's advance. Will she say yes, buy no prescription MEVACOR online, or no. And if she does go out to dinner with Mark, will she tell her husband, MEVACOR FOR SALE. Given how pushy Mark is, MEVACOR dosage, do you think Janice will engage with Mark's flirtations (at first, or even over time). Given the presence of Mark in her life, how will Janice's "niceness" impact her marriage, MEVACOR brand name.

Meet Lovette

Lovette works next to Janice, but she has a different work ethic. MEVACOR price, coupon, When her boss increases her work load, she lets him know how that will impact her performance and adherence to deadlines. MEVACOR FOR SALE, Colleagues rarely ask her favors, because she usually declines unless it's a mutual favor or for someone she's close to. Lovette often speaks her mind, even if it isn't nice, is MEVACOR safe.

Unlike Janice, Lovette doesn't stay at the office late. Order MEVACOR no prescription, She leaves at 5pm sharp each day, so that she can make her husband dinner. By 7pm, her computer is off, fast shipping MEVACOR, and she doesn't return phone calls or emails unless it's an emergency previously scheduled. This makes it hard for her family, friends, and colleagues to get a hold of her, but they've learned to contact her before dinner, MEVACOR FOR SALE.

Lovette spends a lot of time with her husband during the week (and on weekends). MEVACOR reviews, As she and her husband open up to each other a lot, they occasionally disagree about things, but usually resolve their conflicts within a few days. Lovette isn't afraid to get in touch with her anger, MEVACOR forum, and she rarely suppresses it for the sake of keeping the peace.

Mark's new desk is right by Lovette's. MEVACOR FOR SALE, Mark asks Lovette out to dinner within his first week as well, with a cover story similar to the one he used with Janice. About MEVACOR, What will happen? Will Lovette recognize Mark's advances. Will she say yes, or no. And if she does go out to dinner with Mark, will she tell her husband. Given how pushy Mark is, do you think Lovette will engage with Mark's flirtations. Will the presence of Mark in Lovette's life have any impact her marriage, MEVACOR FOR SALE.

What do you think?

What does it mean to be nice. Is it possible to be nice to everyone.

How can you be nice without compromising your relationships. Or at least without compromising your close relationships.

Share your thoughts below.

About the Author: Melissa Karnaze is not here to be nice, but honest about what it takes to be effective in life. Her free 10-part e-class, Your Life Is Your Construct, will show you how to be more emotionally honest about your life and your relationships. Learn more about it and sign up here.


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BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION, When you were young, you thought, said and did things that weren't politically correct.

But someone corrected you, and you learned.

Here you are now, purchase CRESTOR online no prescription.

Political correctness is something you care about, or you're at least well versed in what it means. Buy CRESTOR no prescription, Because it's part of the society you live in.

The problem is, that politically incorrect little boy or girl you once were -- never grew up, BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION.

You might have gotten older and more sophisticated, but he or she is still with you.

You inner child, CRESTOR results, ego, subconscious, CRESTOR cost, emotional self -- however you want to personify it -- won't "go away."

Because you are multidimensional as long as you're breathing.

Feelings don't lie

We get really good at lying to ourselves about our feelings.

You may try to stuff them, demonize them, kjøpe CRESTOR på nett, köpa CRESTOR online, or defuse them. BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION, But none of that really makes your emotions "go away."

It's called emotional baggage because you take it with you through life. (Unless you work with your emotions, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and turn the baggage into a tool kit.)

Emotions aren't always politically correct

Emotions are contingent upon the thought processes that underpin them. Oftentimes what you (subconsciously) think -- is politically incorrect. Because it's self-centered, myopic, CRESTOR used for, angry, or a social heuristic (like a stereotype). CRESTOR trusted pharmacy reviews, And you've been especially conditioned in certain (dysfunctional) ways as a defense against pain and disappointment.

If you pay attention to what you're really feeling (which means, what you're really thinking), you'll notice that it's not always nice, BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Let's look at an illustration.

How a boy's autism affects his older sister

At 8:29 in Part I of Robert Macneil's "Autism Now" series on PBS Newshour, Macneil describes how his grandson Nick's autism affects his family, CRESTOR recreational.

He proceeds to interview Nick's older sister, 10-year-old Neely (Macneil's granddaughter). Order CRESTOR no prescription, Pay attention to the bold phrases:

ROBERT MACNEIL: When you think about the future with Nick, what do you feel about that.

NEELY: BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Well, I hope that I -- I hope that he doesn't have to stay with me, kind of, and that I hope that he gets healed soon. Sometimes when other people, they -- their lives seem perfect, CRESTOR pics, and when yours -- when yours -- you have to do something that you don't like, you don't usually want to do it, Where can i order CRESTOR without prescription, and though your autistic sibling does, and it seems unfair. And it seems like they get what they want and you don't.

Notice how Neely says that she doesn't want to have to take care of her brother for the rest of her life. And that it's unfair that her life revolves around his needs, buying CRESTOR online over the counter.

That's not at all politically correct. But it's how she feels, BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION.

And just because she feels that way doesn't mean that she always will feel that way. Where can i cheapest CRESTOR online, Or that she has to act on those feelings in a destructive way. Or that she will always resent her brother. Or that she is a bad or ungrateful child. BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION, By admitting to herself how she truly feels, she'll be much more likely to remember them and heal them, down the road when she's old enough to fully process them and choose her responsibilities.

If Neely were to suppress her true feelings, ordering CRESTOR online, the wound would be buried, and she'd have much less chance to heal in adulthood. CRESTOR wiki,

Staying true to your feelings

In the next part of the interview, Neely's grandfather tries to talk her out of her feelings by using a cognitive reframe:

ROBERT MACNEIL: Well, one of the things about life is that we all learn we have to do things we don't want to do, whether there's autism around or not.

It's an indirect way of saying: "Are you sure you want to feel this way, CRESTOR dangers. It might be unreasonable."

But having the honesty of a child, Nelly doesn't let him convince her not to feel the way she feels:

NEELY: Yes, Order CRESTOR online c.o.d, but it seems like it happens too much. I mean, there's going to be a few times when that happens, but it seems with an autistic brother or sister, generic CRESTOR, it always happens.

It's as if she's saying:

I'm not talking about some general notion about life, and how it's not always roses, BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION. I'm talking about my life -- and how it revolves around someone else's needs.

What Nelly essentially does is healthily deflect a deflection made by Macneil -- which he made as an attempt to minimize her negative emotional response to her brother's autism. CRESTOR without prescription, This exchange is much more powerful to watch (you can fast-forward to 8:29) because you can sense how conflicted Neely is to show her true feelings. And how she has the courage to be honest nonetheless.

Neely is very lucky that her grandfather gives her a safe space to talk about her feelings. I cannot emphasize this enough.

BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION, You can't be 100% politically correct, but you can create your safe space

When you were Neely's age, you felt like she did about many things. You felt that things weren't fair, CRESTOR for sale. That it could have been so much better. It's only natural. Purchase CRESTOR online no prescription, No child lives in a perfect world.

As you grew up, you learned how to turn off, ignore, or disidentify with those feelings, BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION. And you probably had lots of pressure from older people to banish your emotions in order to be a "good person."

Today there are probably still certain things that don't feel fair to you. And no matter how hard to you try to shed your emotional baggage, it still walks around with you, buy CRESTOR no prescription.

You can't really "fix" that. But you can deal with it. BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION, How. Buy CRESTOR without a prescription, By creating a safe space to embrace your true feelings.

That place may be:

The actual space doesn't matter. But it has to feel safe, buy CRESTOR from canada. You have to feel encouraged to express yourself, honestly.

Which means you can't be worrying about being:

    • "Offensive"
    • "Wrong"
    • "Rude"

    • "Too sensitive"
    • Argued with
    • Deflected
    • Misunderstood
    • Disregarded
    • Ignored
    • Attacked
    • Judged

So unless you have working agreements with someone who can respect you -- without violating you in the any of the above ways (or at least without doing so and then failing to make amends after) -- you're probably best building your safe space in solitude, BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Not all of us were so lucky to be accepted for how we truly felt as children.

But all we can do now is make sure that we are heard today. And really, we only need to be heard -- by ourselves.

And by being honest with yourself, you have a much better chance of empathizing with others -- which can make you more politically correct.

But don't forget

BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION, No one can be politically correct 100% of the time.

Political "correctness" is a human construct, subject to change.

It doesn't exist in an objective sense that we can verify with 100% accuracy. And we constantly re-negotiate what it means.

You're the only authority who matters in your life.

Start living that way.


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Happy baby CELEBREX FOR SALE, In the Wall Street Journal excerpt of her book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua claims that Chinese mothers are superior.

Why. Because of tough love. The "[Chinese] solution to substandard performance is always to excoriate, doses CELEBREX work, punish and shame the child."

This behavior, she says, Purchase CELEBREX online, arms children with the "skills, work habits and inner confidence that no one can ever take away."

And Western parents. They're too lazy, ignorant, CELEBREX forum, or afraid to adopt the Tiger war cry.

The controversy of the Tiger Mom

Chua's fundamental argument is based on the assumption that she's the quintessential "Chinese mom."

Except that she co-parents with a Jewish man, and agreed to raise their children in the Jewish faith, CELEBREX FOR SALE. The stereotypical Chinese woman that Chua tries to emulate -- would marry a traditional Chinese man (unless marrying a Westerner would truly please her parents). Generic CELEBREX, So while it may appear that Chua's cultural war cry is a testament to her conscious parenting, it doesn't seem that she's conscious of her concerted effort to brand herself as Chinese.

As The Last Psychiatrist explains, this branding gets in the way of cultural awareness:

"Amy Chua thinks she wrote an essay and published it, CELEBREX price, coupon. Wrong. CELEBREX FOR SALE, The WSJ wanted this kind of an article and they chose one from the thousands available. They chose hers -- a woman's -- because if this same article had been written by a man it would have been immediately revealed as an angry, Comprar en línea CELEBREX, comprar CELEBREX baratos, abusive, patriarchal example of capitalism.

Which is where this comes full circle. Amy Chua thinks she's raising her kids the Chinese way, australia, uk, us, usa, but she is really raising them to be what the WSJ considers China to be: a pool of highly skilled labor that someone else will profit from. On second thought, Discount CELEBREX, that is the Chinese way."

Political correctness isn't the issue

Amy Chua's (reported) parenting style is branded as "Chinese."

That's code for: You can't judge it because then you'd be prejudiced against the Chinese culture.

And if it's an ethnic issue, you're obligated not to comment on how that parenting style is backward, wrong, or just cruel, CELEBREX FOR SALE. Instead, you're relegated to thinking such as, "Well, buy CELEBREX online cod, that's not my style," or "I live in a different culture."

It's not about culture here. Buy generic CELEBREX, It's about children.

And whether or not your parenting style involves child abuse.

Of course, the discussion about the Tiger Mom gets veered off to "culture, online buying CELEBREX hcl," instead of what Chua really suggests: excoriation and shame.

Chua's hypocricy

CELEBREX FOR SALE, "Once when I was young -- maybe more than once -- when I was extremely disrespectful to my mother, my father angrily called me 'garbage' in our native Hokkien dialect. It worked really well. CELEBREX duration, I felt terrible and deeply ashamed of what I had done. But it didn't damage my self-esteem or anything like that. I knew exactly how highly he thought of me. I didn't actually think I was worthless or feel like a piece of garbage."
-- Amy Chua

If Chua really didn't think she was worthless -- if she really knew "how highly" her father thought of her -- then why would she change her behavior as a direct result of hearing her father call her garbage, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

It's more likely that Chua did believe her father thought she was a piece of garbage -- at least in that moment when she was acting up, online CELEBREX without a prescription.

Or at the minimum, she was afraid that it would become true, Online buying CELEBREX, that he would really believe that she was a piece of garbage -- if she didn't behave herself.

That's how shaming works. Chua's father only positively regarded her when she was acting in accordance with his standards. CELEBREX FOR SALE, When she didn't, he regarded her as subhuman (or at least he communicated that).

Chua wanted her father to stop calling her trash, CELEBREX cost. The name calling did damage her self-esteem, and she changed her behavior so as to regain her father's approval and restore her self-esteem. After CELEBREX, It's no wonder that Chua doesn't for a moment consider the potential psychological effects of shaming her children (at least not in her Wall Street Journal article).

She won't even acknowledge how being shamed by her parents affected her own childhood and development.

Chua prides herself on having called at least one of her daughters garbage -- but also claims that she doesn't really mean it, CELEBREX FOR SALE. That's cognitive dissonance. You can't have both, CELEBREX online cod. You can't pretend something is true one moment, and then not-true the next. About CELEBREX, Or you can, in which case you have some serious wounds to heal, from your own past, and in your current relationships, buy CELEBREX from mexico.

The myth of the Tiger Mom

CELEBREX FOR SALE, Chua's Jewish American husband has some dissenting views on her parenting philosophy, as she explains (while also jabbing at him):

"Well don't worry, you don't have to lift a finger. I'm willing to put in as long as it takes, and I'm happy to be the one hated. Where can i order CELEBREX without prescription, And you can be the one they adore because you make them pancakes and take them to Yankees games."

This undoubtedly undermines some of her efforts.

But the parent dyad is not just part-American. Chua is a Chinese-American herself.

She can't be a "true" Tiger Mom (if they exist), because she's inundated with American culture, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

The gift of cultural diversity

Chinese-Americans have a unique opportunity to pick and choose from both cultures, CELEBREX photos.

To reassess their collectivist cultural upbringing and their individualistic Western perspective. To discard the dysfunctional programs of both cultures. Buy CELEBREX no prescription, The brilliance of walking between two worlds is that you can select the best beliefs, practices, and behaviors -- by your own standards. CELEBREX FOR SALE, Chinese, American, and other parenting styles usually have good intentions -- "doing what's best" for your children.

It's in turning intent into action where parenting styles differs, effects of CELEBREX.

And without respect of "cultural correctness," shaming your children, CELEBREX pictures, even if it does help them succeed by your own standards, has the unintended consequence of harming your relationship. That's not so easy to see. Sometimes it takes years for the wounds to surface, no prescription CELEBREX online.

Emotional wounds aren't always as tangible, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

Defining success

One of Chua's daughters got accepted into Harvard, months after her mother's book became a bestseller.

In the public eye, that accomplishment is supposed to validate all the years of excoriation and shame she probably endured.

A college degree may equal success for some people. For others, it might be job stability. CELEBREX FOR SALE, Or it might mean raising children without abusing them.

Or teaching your children to do what they want with their own life (whether or not college is in the picture). And showing them how to be resilient and carve their own path, with your support and love all along the way.

Success is a relative term.

But it usually has to do with healthy living, following one's passions, and cultivating loving relationships. Money can't buy quality relationships, and as social beings, relationships are the most valuable things we have, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

Accomplishments don't heal wounds. Conformity leads you away from your passions. Social status isn't a substitute for healthy and fulfilling relationships.

The controversy of the Tiger Mom revolves around the assumption that success equals getting into a prestigious college. CELEBREX FOR SALE, It excludes a real discussion of what success actually means -- for you.

You're the only person who can define success for yourself, regarding parenting, relationships, or life in general.

What do you think?

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

About the Author: Melissa Karnaze was raised by a Chinese-American mother, and both she and her mother agree that Chinese-American parents have a unique opportunity to break away from the dysfunctions of their upbringing, creating a new cycle for future generations.



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DANAZOL FOR SALE, When Twitter is down due to maintenance or too much traffic, you get to see pastel-colored cartoons on the homepage.

Twitter uses an illustration by Yiying Lu's as their "Fail Whale" -- which shows up whenever Twitter is over capacity, DANAZOL coupon. DANAZOL natural, Notice how the birdies try desperately hard to keep the whale afloat.

(As in, DANAZOL reviews, DANAZOL samples, above the water's surface.)

Well, those birdies represent the Twitter team -- trying desperately hard to keep Twitter working for users, DANAZOL over the counter. Doses DANAZOL work,

But did you notice the second message?

While you gaze at Lu's artwork -- you overlook how Twitter minimizes a negative event: a Twitter page that won't load.

And yes, Twitter is a free service, and no, they are not obligated to operate at 100% all of the time, DANAZOL FOR SALE.

But whenever you want to log onto an online service and you can't -- the last thing you are is happy about it, DANAZOL interactions. DANAZOL price, Except when it comes to Twitter. Then it's just cute, DANAZOL photos. DANAZOL steet value,

Another example

When Twitter is down due to technical errors, you get to encounter their innocent-looking broken robot, DANAZOL canada, mexico, india.

The error message reads:

"Something is technically wrong.
Thanks for noticing—we're going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon."

DANAZOL FOR SALE, Okay, so what do you notice. DANAZOL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,

Besides the fact that unlike the poor robot, you're not malfunctioning, buy cheap DANAZOL no rx, DANAZOL from mexico, in Twitter's own words... you "notice that something is technically wrong."

But of course you notice, DANAZOL duration, DANAZOL online cod, isn't that obvious. If you're tying to get to your Twitter page, online buying DANAZOL, DANAZOL dose, you will notice if your page doesn't show up.

Ah, DANAZOL pictures, Purchase DANAZOL online, but Twitter's message is actually designed to get you to not notice.

Or not notice as much, DANAZOL FOR SALE. Or not notice that you were starting to get frustrated with this free service that you wish would function better, DANAZOL treatment, DANAZOL alternatives, or at least more of the time.

How about noticing this:

"Thank you for noticing our error"

has a much different meaning than, buy DANAZOL from mexico, Buy DANAZOL without prescription,

"We're sorry about the error."

Being thanked makes you feel good. And maybe distracts you from feeling let down, cheap DANAZOL.

Being apologized to won't necessarily make you feel bad. But it probably won't distract you from feeling let down -- and might even intensify DANAZOL FOR SALE, the feeling.

That's what Twitter wants to avoid.

That's how they spin a positive from a negative, minimize a user's frustration -- right under their nose.

What do you think?

Is Twitter trying to minimize the frustration that comes with not being able to load the site.

If they are, what do you think about the practice. Just part of online business, DANAZOL FOR SALE. Friendly, thoughtful, nice. Necessary, or sneaky. Does it work.

Is minimizing frustration online more excusable than in real life.

Consider this...

DANAZOL FOR SALE, Someone close to you hurts your feelings. You tell them about it, and they reply:

"Thank you for noticing my error."

How would that make you feel.

Or what if they reply:

"I'm going to fix this mistake and have things back to normal soon."

Would you feel any differently.

And would you still want an apology.

Share your thoughts below.

About the Author: Melissa Karnaze likes to tweet about emotional health, mindfulness, psychology, and related topics. Catch her on Twitter @mindfulconstrct


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BUY LORAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Mindful Emotions is an in-depth, interactive online training that teaches you how to work with your emotions in constructive, healthy, and effective ways.

Mindful Emotions is all about getting really mindful of your emotions so you can partner with them to more successfully work toward your life goals and values, order LORAZEPAM from United States pharmacy. Buy generic LORAZEPAM, As such, it takes off from all of the articles here at Mindful Construct, LORAZEPAM images, LORAZEPAM from canada, as well as the free e-class, Your Life is Your Construct, online buying LORAZEPAM hcl. Discount LORAZEPAM, More specifically, Mindful Emotions fleshes out Response Ability in 7 comprehensive learning modules, australia, uk, us, usa, Canada, mexico, india, which follow an in-depth introductory module.

Visit the site to learn more, LORAZEPAM use. Where can i find LORAZEPAM online. LORAZEPAM from canadian pharmacy. Buy LORAZEPAM online cod. Online LORAZEPAM without a prescription. LORAZEPAM australia, uk, us, usa. About LORAZEPAM. Low dose LORAZEPAM. What is LORAZEPAM. LORAZEPAM without a prescription. LORAZEPAM forum. LORAZEPAM class. LORAZEPAM maximum dosage. LORAZEPAM overnight. Buy cheap LORAZEPAM. Effects of LORAZEPAM. After LORAZEPAM.


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ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE, Honesty isn't just about telling other people the truth.

Because you can't tell anyone the truth if you don't admit it to yourself first.

The foundation for real honesty is self-honesty, ATOMOXETINE dosage.

And self-honesty is hard because it's often uncomfortable. ATOMOXETINE street price, As it's no fun to admit, let alone express uneasy feelings.

People bypass self-honesty all the time, and thus honesty with others, by first being dishonest about how they really feel, ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE.

That dishonesty may filter into normal conversations, buy no prescription ATOMOXETINE online, taking the form of:

  • Euphemisms
  • Insincere apologies
  • Sugar coating
  • "Excused" behavior
  • Contradictions
  • Superficial optimism

Masking negative emotions or failing to look into them may lead to a temporary sense of control or diplomacy -- but suppression takes its toll. ATOMOXETINE schedule, Ultimately, emotional suppression, denial, is ATOMOXETINE addictive, avoidance, Fast shipping ATOMOXETINE, dissociation -- whatever you want to call it -- subverts all forms of honesty.

Emotional honesty doesn't have to be catastrophic

That's not to say that you have let your emotions "all hang out" in order to fully acknowledge them.

That's not say that you have to be crude, where can i buy ATOMOXETINE online, although crass does come before class. ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE, There are appropriate and safe ways to express your emotions. ATOMOXETINE long term, Only you can figure out what that means, given the uniqueness of each and every situation.

Oftentimes, herbal ATOMOXETINE, the only appropriate and safe outlet is solitude, Comprar en línea ATOMOXETINE, comprar ATOMOXETINE baratos, or being close to someone you can trust, like a friend or a therapist.

If you're lucky, ATOMOXETINE no rx, you can find a group of people who can support you in experimenting with news ways of being honest. ATOMOXETINE price, coupon, If you're smart, you'll use powerful social tools, like the internet, cheap ATOMOXETINE no rx, to help you become more resourceful and resilient.

The payoff of getting more intimate with your emotions?

First of all, the more you are mindful of your emotions -- the less you are susceptible to being unconsciously driven by the "problematic" ones, ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE. ATOMOXETINE mg, What does that lead to.

An infinitely greater capacity to be more logical, constructive, rx free ATOMOXETINE, and effective in life, No prescription ATOMOXETINE online, and to genuinely experience positive, or pleasant emotions.

But the stakes are probably against you

You need to make the commitment to be honest with yourself -- about how you really think and feel -- about everything in your life, order ATOMOXETINE from mexican pharmacy.

Of course that's not going to be pretty. ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE, Socially acceptable. ATOMOXETINE pharmacy, Or sensible (at least until you can understand the logic of your emotions).

And yes, much of the world will probably be against you, buy ATOMOXETINE online no prescription. In that -- they won't understand what you're trying to do because they themselves don't want to accept how they really think and feel -- about everything in their lives. Taking ATOMOXETINE, Empathy goes both ways.

The complex social systems of the modern world don't cater to emotional honesty, ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE. To be a part of the system, to survive in the system, ATOMOXETINE description, you have to develop a pretty thick skin. ATOMOXETINE brand name, You have to be "realistic" about life (that's code for pessimistic). You have to discard empathy, avoid vulnerability or bypass taking things personally -- when it makes sense, online buy ATOMOXETINE without a prescription, so that you can get by. ATOMOXETINE no prescription, Along those lines, you most certainly can't afford to offend your superiors, and you should try to appease your family and friends, purchase ATOMOXETINE.

The social systems of the modern world are at heart codependent ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE, . Codependency is a coping mechanism that distracts you from your true feelings.

So yes, the stakes are probably against you...

Emotional honesty in action

But all you need to get started. Is to get started.

You'll figure out the rest, ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE. You'll create your own subcultures, your own systems. You'll fashion your world such that it's easy to see how emotional honesty pays off. You'll find clever ways to make sure it always pays off.

We've been talking about emotional honesty on Mindful Construct for over two years now. ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE, But talk is talk.

Will you walk the talk.

All it takes is getting started.

No one is stopping you but yourself.

Give yourself permission.

Introducing the Mindful Emotions course

If you'd like an extra boost, extra social support, and some clear guidance on becoming more emotionally honest with yourself, and thus more productive, effective, and response able in life, you'll want to check out Mindful Emotions.

This new interactive, online course is fertile training ground for walking the talk.

Learn more about it here, and I hope to see you there.

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BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION, When it comes to emotional well-being, internet use is a double-edged sword.

It can empower you make healthier choices, educate yourself, and connect with supportive communities.

But it can also fuel compulsive habits (like shopping, gambling or consuming celebrity gossip), COVERSYL blogs, make you feel alienated, or overload you with unsettling information about the state of the world.

There's no end to the internet, which means it can continually rejuvenate you and help you achieve your life goals -- or continually distract you from what's truly important in your life. Get COVERSYL, What will you opt for. What will you co-create, BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

If you're looking to to use the internet to improve your emotional well-being, opportunities abound -- literally at your fingertips.

Here are 20 tips to get you started.

1. Get in touch with your passions

The internet exposes to you all kinds of information any time you sign on, where can i buy cheapest COVERSYL online. BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION, Pay attention to which headlines, emails, and videos you can't wait to discover. Use those clues to get a better sense of what you really care about or what you want to learn about.

2. Get serious about your health

According to a Pew Internet & American Life Project from 2009, 61% of American adults look for health information online. Purchase COVERSYL for sale, Even if you don't see your doctor every day, you can still find more and better ways to stay healthy on a regular basis.

And while sites like WebMD can boost your health knowledge, don't forget to research alternative health treatments too, BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION. (Western medicine isn't the only type of practice.)

3. Get serious about self-help

Just as you can educate yourself on keeping your body and mind healthy, you can educate yourself on how to maintain healthy and happy relationships.

Use the internet to follow up on the topics of your favorite self-help and personal development books, order COVERSYL online overnight delivery no prescription, or use Amazon to learn about new topics that you can relate to.

And get serious about the topic emotional intelligence. It's not yet a staple of parenting BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION, , education, and work life, but it's key to any long-term success. So make up the difference by doing your own research.

4. Is COVERSYL safe, Pin down procrastination

If you're using the net to pass the time or avoid a project, get mindful about it. And own up to your procrastination. In the long-run, you'll get better at staying connected to your life and being aware of your actions, BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

5. Find local resources

Don't forget that you can use the net to find local resources. You might look for free community college classes, where to buy COVERSYL, public and university libraries, clubs, community events, support groups, My COVERSYL experience, or professional organizations and services.

6. Explore your options for professional help

BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION, If you think you need to connect with professional in a more controlled environment to improve your emotional well-being, educate yourself on how clinical psychology works, and how it draws from different psychological theories. Mental health professional have various theoretical orientations. You might as well get familiar with them on your own -- and find out where your orientation lies.

And you might decide to work with a social worker or a life coach. Or turn to online therapy, real brand COVERSYL online. Whatever you choose, just be mindful of the therapeutic relationship dynamic, and remember that only you can make important life decisions, BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

7. Be a smarter consumer of science

Psychology research is supposed to help us all lead healthier and more functional lives.

If you're not a researcher or clinician, you probably rely on the media to tell you about the latest scientific findings. COVERSYL long term, The media often sensationalizes at the expense getting the facts right. BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION, You can arm yourself with better information, by getting familiar with research methods, reading the actual studies, and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.

Science blogs can give you leads to interesting research. There are many online databases you can use to find studies (such as Google Scholar, which lets you know if a free pdf is available). You can also visit your local university library to get free access to their journal database.

8, COVERSYL trusted pharmacy reviews. Learn to think for yourself

It's important to remember that science alone won't give you all the answers to life, BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION. Ultimately, you have to think for yourself. If you're learning about a controversial topic, keep in mind that there are no easy answers. Buying COVERSYL online over the counter, Scientific debates can go on for years, and we're constantly learning more as we conduct better and more research.

The hodgepodge of opinions voiced online can be daunting, especially when there are PhD's on all sides of the issue. But take that as a healthy reminder that in the end: you're BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION, the only one who can make sense of it all (for yourself).

9. Learn directly from other people

In contrast to scientific research, kjøpe COVERSYL på nett, köpa COVERSYL online, anecdotal accounts can help you too. The internet is a great environment to learn more about how different people think and make sense of their experience.

According to a Pew Internet & American Life Project, 51% of adults report that friends, Order COVERSYL from United States pharmacy, family, and fellow patients are "more helpful than professional sources when they need a quick remedy for an everyday health issue." Sites like CureTogether attest to the potential benefits of getting health advice from peers.

Diverse online discussions give you exposure to different perspectives, BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION. You can watch what different people say, as well as what they "do" online. Anonymity can encourage people to speak their minds candidly. And some people are more comfortable sharing personal details, buy no prescription COVERSYL online. No matter the degree of disclosure, you can learn a lot about yourself and your beliefs, by paying attention to what others believe.

BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION, 10. Create your own news channel

Mainstream media dictates what's "important" for you to know. Get COVERSYL, But only a handful of corporations decide on what information gets out, and how it's reported. Much of that brings down your emotional well-being, and hurts your confidence.

Don't just depend on mainstream news sources, explore your other options:

  • Subscribe to niche blogs where individuals (credible or simply anonymous) passionately report on topics or perspectives considered too fringe for mainstream airtime
  • Make your own newspread, COVERSYL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, using a free service like Google homepage
  • Set up Google alerts to get updates on buzz words that you'd like to track
  • Check out alternative media sites, that give a different take on the entertainment industry, politics, technology, Ordering COVERSYL online, etc.

11. Create your own university

Even if you're not in school, you can educate yourself for the rest of your life, BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION. And you can study any topic you like -- psychology, business, running a website, web design, writing, buy COVERSYL from canada, you name it.

Use the net to set up your own university that transcends space and time.

Incorporate resources like MIT OpenCourseWare, TED Talks, Where can i buy COVERSYL online, and alternative media like Coast to Coast AM.

12. Connect with like-minded people

BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION, Take advantage of the online opportunities to connect with others who are interested in the same topics as you are. It's easier to broach certain topics online than in-person. But don't neglect your in-person relationships.

13. Expand your social network

Take your offline connections online, purchase COVERSYL, through sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social support has a positive impact on overall health and well-being, and it can encourage you to incorporate more perspectives when faced with a challenge, BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

But beware that online "connection" doesn't ensure trust or deepen connections. Be mindful of what you disclose about your own life, and only trust with good reason. Order COVERSYL from mexican pharmacy,

14. Hang out in supportive communities

Some blogs and forums have a supportive communities of commenters and posters. BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION, Tune in to constructive dialogues. Get inspired on a regular basis to get more constructive about your life.

15. Don't just ignore the naysayers

Arguments are prolific online, but they're not always in vain, COVERSYL canada, mexico, india.

Learn how to take something positive from a negative exchange, and master the art of listening to both sides of any story. Both of these exercises can help you clarify your own perspective, and get more mindful about your beliefs, BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

16. Get in touch with your negative reactions

Sometimes the net can help you rant productively, COVERSYL results, or someone else's rant can validate your own frustrations.

Other times, the internet just triggers your hot buttons.

If you're feeling triggered, take that a sign to address some problem in your life or your thinking. Trust that your emotions will help you get to the issue BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION, , and let them run their course in safe and appropriate ways.

17, COVERSYL maximum dosage. Keep an open mind

Don't be afraid to have your thoughts and beliefs challenged. If you're feeling challenged, it's probably because (a) you're not (yet) secure in your own beliefs, (b) you don't really understand your own beliefs, or (c) you have some dysfunctional beliefs that need some reworking.

18. Read stuff that makes you feel good

Find writers or artists who make you feel uplifted, encouraged, inspired, at peace with yourself, or invincible, BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

19. Read stuff that challenges you

Find writers or artists who challenge your thinking, push you to think sideways, or give you countless opportunities work through your negative reactions so you won't get triggered in the first place.

20. Remember to unplug

Most importantly, learn how to use the internet -- instead of letting it use you. BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION, Maintain healthy boundaries online, and reminder to take time for solitude, so that you can maintain health off-line relationships.

Have anything to add?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Do you want to learn more about how to get in touch with your opinions (your emotions), as well as how to better appreciate and understand them. Then check out the free 10-part e-class, Your Life is Your Construct, which gives you practical tips on how to work with and learn from your negative emotions.



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