As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted a new article in several years. The main reason being: I was wearing a different hat.

When I post an article here, it comes from a certain experience and confidence. It comes from a decision that these words can help at least one reader. It takes the form of an “answer” more so than the form of a “question” (though I do enjoy posing questions, or suggesting useful questions to ask oneself).

The blogger’s hat I like to wear is assertive and action-focused. When it’s on my head, I’ve made up my mind. If I didn’t believe in what I wrote, I wouldn’t hit “Publish”. This is not say that by releasing my thoughts into the cyberspace they are set in stone. My thinking changes and I learn each day. But it is to say that it’s a specific kind of hat.

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Let’s talk about personal criticism, or when someone tries to convince you that you are wrong, misguided, stupid, too emotional, irrational, or otherwise bad.

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If you’d like to become more mindful of your holiday-related constructs this winter, Mindful Construct offers stimulating articles on…

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Emotions are part of who we are as humans; there’s no way around that.

For ages, philosophers and scholars have relegated emotions to pests, antagonists to “reason.”

Only recently have psychologists started to empirically answer our questions about what emotions are, how they are formed, and how we can respond to them in healthy and positive ways.

However, reading the scientific literature alone won’t give you enough momentum to actually start working with all of your emotions.

The main reason for this is that science is about answering (and asking) questions. Much of the time, one answer is really just five more questions in disguise (as frustrating as that is, it’s the beauty of scientific inquiry). “Discovering” a fact doesn’t automatically equate to action; a fact or theory is unless you can use it to make better predictions in life — to improve your life.

Mindful Emotions is an online training that’s rooted in my academic training in cognitive science and psychology. It also takes off from all of the articles here at Mindful Construct, the e-class (Your Life is Your Construct), and other free resources I’ve offered over the years.

It’s built upon the solid foundation of psychological research and the philosophy of science, but we don’t stop there, because application is what’s key…

Visit the site to learn more about Mindful Emotions and sign up today. [Mindful Emotions closed to enrollment on Nov. 22, 2011.]

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You put your trust into others every day.

Lack of trust can threaten your sanity.

Putting out too much trust isn’t smart either.

Think about all the professionals you work with or rely on. From local librarians to surgeons to government officials.

You trust them to do their job, right? (You probably trust some professionals more than others.)

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Why You’re Too Afraid to Succeed, Thrive & Love Boldly

What does it take to succeed? To thrive? To love boldly? You’d think it takes perseverance, knowledge, and courage. Sure, they help. But only if you go beyond their conventional definitions.

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3 Quick & Easy Ways to Be More Mindful of Your Emotions

Whether you want to increase your emotional intelligence, or you don’t want your emotions “messing” with your logic — you can benefit from being more mindful of all of your emotions. It’s when you don’t recognize and process your emotions that they can guide your behavior in negative and subconscious ways.

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A Telltale Sign You’re Not Mindful about Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation can be used to dissociate from your unwanted “negative” emotions. Did you read that sentence mindfully? Did you see the word “can?” (It makes a huge difference in your interpretation.) So how can you use mindfulness in ways that thwart your emotional health?

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88 Emotionally Stupid Things You’re Wasting Your Precious Time On

How much time are you going to waste today on people, things, or activities that emotionally drain you? It’s actually easier to spend your precious time on the emotionally draining — than to work on emotionally-enriching endeavors. Why?

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