Response Ability

Response Ability – the conscious choice to find healthy responses to what happens in life, so that instead of blaming outside forces for what happens “to us” we focus on what we can do
Response Ability is the vision behind Mindful Construct. It’s the lifeblood of all the writings here. It’s my hope for the future, that we improve our emotional intelligence and thus our resourcefulness to respond to our lives effectively and constructively–that we choose a mindset of response ability over a mindset of victim hood. Not that we can’t be or are never victims, but that we won’t stay in that mode indefinitely because: we can reframe our life and relationship to it in healthy ways that improve our mental-emotional well-being. If you want to read the short version Response Ability, check out the first blog entry, which defines Mindful Construct. If you prefer more details, here are two article that talk about the principle of Response Ability more in depth: